As for the current Governing Body members, they are "fakes."

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  • possible-san


    Thank you for your view.

    Well, in my individual belief (my current belief), all the Scriptures you quoted are "symbolic" and "figurative."
    I am not a fundamentalist/fundie.

    But I do not necessarily want to argue with you on the basis of that belief of mine now.
    I am talking on the basis of the "basic doctrine" of JW now.
    Also in my reply to you, I said as "for Jehovah's Witnesses" repeatedly.

    For instance,

    "Although your comment is interesting, in that explanation, I think that it may be unconvincing for Jehovah's Witnesses, IMO."
    "For Jehovah's Witnesses, in many cases, "priests" is not a literal meaning."

    I would say once again.
    Although I think that your explanation is interesting, I think that you cannot persuade Jehovah's Witnesses by your explanation, IMO.

    Also in Jehovah's Witnesses, the Scriptures which you quoted would interpret literally.
    But there is a "spiritual meaning" for them/JWs.
    (First of all, in English speaking areas, the word "anoint" does not only have a "literal meaning.")

    I think that your relatives probably will not consent to your explanation even if you explain those Scriptures literally, IMO.
    Probably, your explanation that 144,000 is literal "priests" is unconvincing for Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Of course, you have freedom of religion.


  • possible-san


    And, in the case of "1 Samuel 16:13", did David become a "priest"?

  • streets76

    Would someone please show me from the Bible how this 1935 date was ever arrived at?

    Millions of witnesses used to know the anwer to this question -- but now they are all dead. Pity.

  • possible-san


    I am an ex-Jehovah's Witness and left the organization several years ago.
    Therefore, I do not necessarily know the newest information.
    After you understand that well, I would answer to you.

    Are "real" anointed those who identified themselves before 1935?

    Probably, nobody of us can answer easily to this question of yours.

    In Jehovah's Witnesses, that is "self-reported."
    In Japanese, it is "Jiko shinkoku."
    I do not know whether "self-reported" is a right translation of that Japanese word.

    For instance, if you become a Jehovah's Witness and you would say "I am an Anointed", then you are an Anointed.
    But, although nobody would believe you/him if you/he is newcomer.

    With regard to 1935, probably, it is difficult for you to understand the meaning which I have said, since you are not a Jehovah's Witness (or ex-JW).
    And I cannot explain to you easily.

    Do the anointed have a rank or class in the WTS?

    I cannot answer easily to also this question.

    Probably, 90 or 80 percent is females/women Anointed.
    And in the WTS, authority is not granted to women.

    In an interpretation of Jehovah's Witnesses, some position is given to the "slave class", but most of them are not the position/post of providing food (Spiritual food), in fact. (Matthew 24:45)


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