What % of current JWs sincerely believe Armageddon will come within the next 30 years?

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  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask

    To misquote Gary Larson, Armageddon, Smarmageddon. Here's my take.

    The problem with people who are caught up in the whole eternity shtick, in particular Jehovah's Witnesses, is their abundance mentality. It screws them up and screws up their relationships with others, in particular those in their families who do not share their beliefs. To them, today is not all that important because there are going to be untold billions and trillions of days in the future, and they're all going to be sunny!.

    I just want to grasp them by the shoulders and say "WAKE UP!". The days of our lives are finite and some of them are going to be rainy. When we die, we die, whether it is because we don't believe in Jesus or because we do believe in Jesus but don't measure up or because we just see life as finite.

    Those of us who do not believe in Armageddon, imminent or otherwise, have scarcity mentalities. Every day is absolutely precious. Every day you daydream about lambs lying down with lions while you feed them grass, every day you shun your child, your brother, your parent or your friend, every day you stick your head in the sand about how heavy life really is, is a day you have lost forever.

    If you're in your twenties, start a countdown. T minus 20,000 days and counting, tomorrow will be T-19,999. If you're in your fiftees start at 10,000 days, realising there are already almost twice that many behind you. You may live longer, you may not, but you have only so many days left ahead of you. Time is flowing through your fingers like sand. Use it.

  • wasblind

    Doubtfully said: " Most JWs I know believe they'll see the end, but unfortunately we're all already dying one by one of old age and illness, and no end in sight."

    Sounds to me your havin' doubts about the " truth" again girlfriend

  • Giordano

    When I was a 'yute' (Queens N.Y. speech for youth) I was told that a Catholic would never be elected President, Armageddon would come before that ever happened. I was told that we'd never land a man on the moon, man was destined to live on the earthly paradise. I was also told the end would come in 1975. That's three out of three .............how's that no higher education thing working?

  • FloridaPerry

    No one knows how many days they have left. Any of us could drop dead this day. I know Atheists who believe we're on the verge of a worldwide financial collapse and a one world government.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours


    No boubts here, just small disagreements here and there. In this case, just a personal resolution I made a long time ago to serve God in my abundant imperfection because he so deserves it (Rev. 4:11) not because there's an imminent "end".

    Actually, anyone that tries to please God because the end is near only gives Satan the reason when he told God about the man Job that mankind only served God because of personal survival interests.


  • dgp

    I understand the sense of this post, but, in my humble opinion as a worldly and an atheist, the really sad thing is that so many good people live worse lives than they could simply because they were sold a lie.

  • simon17

    "so many good people live worse lives than they could simply because they were sold a lie."

    Then again, a lot of people live better lives because of a lie. Not speaking of JWs specifically but believing in a purpose beyond this short life we have, believing in seeing your dead loved ones again, etc, is a very comforting and soothing thought. I sincerely believe there are many people not equipped to handle the pains of life as a conscious being. And there are many people in unspeakably horrible conditions who might not be able to live through those conditions without giving way to despair if not for the hope given them by religion.

    Example: Suppose a wife, totally in love with her husband, had two options: 1) life the rest of her life happily married and blissfully ignorant of his transgression or 2) know the truth and never get married again. If you ASKED her if she would want to know the truth she'd say yes. And if she found out the truth, she'd never say "i wish i never knew and he just kept on cheating on me behind my back". But she would have been happier if she had not known. Its an interesting situation reallyh.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    My perspective was always that it was "within a few years" but "probably not this year."

    My new perspective is that it will come NEVER.

  • Medina

    They all do, its always, within the next 5 years, and those 5 years will move forward as they age... I was like them, in 2001, 911 I though armageddon would be 2 years away at most. Now I would say It would be 500000 Years away at most, when the sun stops burning.

  • straightshooter

    Yes I agree that almost all jw believe that Armageddon is right around the corner. They buy into the new generation explanation as proof that the end is near. The world always is getting worse in their eyes as also proof of the end being near. The WTS continues to emphasize that the end is near so it must be. So I would say that almost 100% of jw believe Armageddon will come within the next 30 years.

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