What % of current JWs sincerely believe Armageddon will come within the next 30 years?

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  • Soldier77

    Yup, no more book study during the week as a separate meeting. They combined it with the TMS/SM night and shortened the TMS/SM parts down so you're in and out in 1h:30 minutes... or so... more like 1h:45 mins

  • jay88

    1975 wasn't enough,.....Anybody that is a JW, is already in Armageddon.----I see dead people.

  • I<3MYGod

    It's a shame that didn't take place whilst I was in the fold....one less bull sh*t meeting to go would have been heavenly...

  • Sayswho

    I'm still in but do not go to meetings regulary but those that I talk with openly feel it still can happen anytime...but some are planing 10-15 years in the future. My parents that are almost 80 and still hope/feel it will come soon...as they have been waiting their entire lives for it.

    • I think most don't think about when it will come, they just hope one day they will wake up and here it will be...
    • I recall thinking myself that it will come within 3-5 years, certainly no more than 10. Being born in and over 50 I been saying that since the 80s after the 1975 failure...3 to 5 years...no more then 10...over and over again trying to convince myself that it would happen, but here we are 30-40 years later and not here yet.

    Why would God allow His "chosen org" be wrong for so long?----He wouldn't!!!


  • TheListener

    I remember myself and others saying that it was loving of God to have chosen a later date than we expected so that more could come into the truth.

    Oh yes, how loving indeed...

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    When I discuss the things my parents used to say to me as a young 'un they say "I never said that!" a lot, but I know which mags and talks to quote so that they know that I know that they are being dishonest.

    Like the WT, they've been burned so many times they are reluctant to use any sort of time frame except the generation of 1914 ain't dead yet. They have been a bit quiet on that lately. 'Tis a bit difficult when you spend your kid's youth hammering English grammar into him and then needing to bastardise it yourself to pretend that you and your religious gurus aren't a bunch of fools.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Ever since the 1975/mid-80s/mid 90s Armagedon fiascos I've been serving God to the best of my very imperfect ability as if the end is coming today, but preparing myself secularly and otherwise as if I'll live over 100 years old and it'll never arrive in my life time.

    Most JWs I know believe they'll see the end, but unfortunately we're all already dying one by one of old age and illness, and no end in sight.

    Having said that, I've decided that the correct path to take in my case, and as it says in the Bible, is to worship and serve God because he so deserves it for his benevolence and his creation, not waiting for any so called "end".


  • sspo

    Most Jw's even if they believe in their heart that they will die and not see Armegaddon in their life time, they will never admit it, they don't want to sound weak, faithless and go contrary with what the Watchtower preaches at every convention and thru their literature.

    They also cannot fathom the thought that they might be wrong and and the watchtower might be just another religion with its own interpretation of the bible which is just as good as any other!

  • FloridaPerry

    There are a lot of denominations who feel like we're in the "Last Days" at this time.

  • jj123jj123

    very true FloridaPerry, have you seen the documentary film "Waiting for Armageddon"


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