"Charitable Giving" Brochure

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  • ziddina

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    for Classick Concept...

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  • Terry

    After all these years of me going around saying the Society doesn't have any interest in CHARITY I feel ashamed!

    Of course they do! What they call charity is them feeding off the death of their members!

    They have no interest in helping people prepare for old age, infirmity, or retirement--but, snatching the crumbs as the member falls

    from the table is right up their charitable alley!

  • ziddina

    And robbing the letigimate heirs - the children and family - of their inheritance...

  • james_woods

    I watched none other than famous Society Lawyer Hayden Covington do this to a fairly wealthy witness family matriarch in the early 1960s.

    The rightful heirs - the family - were left with nothing.

    Many of the local witnesses were disgusted by it - but nothing was done to stop it.

  • zound

    Is this brochure easy to get or do you have to go through the congregation?

    Does anyone what department I should address a letter to Sydney bethel to ask for a copy?

  • joe134cd

    Every day I'm on here I recieve a new mental Gem. I have been going to meetings for 40 years and never knew this book existed. I think to have a private meeting with a dying man for the specific reason of getting his money just goes to a new low. I'm hopeing there were no worldly relatives their i would hate to think what would be going through their minds.

  • nonjwspouse

    This post has motivated me to finish my and my husbands wills. They are not done and want to be sure the inheritance goes to our underage daughter and then to his other step kids. Family. Not the Cathlic Church or the Kingdom hall, our family.Before the WY fully ( hopefully never) gets their hooks into my husbands assets, we need to be sure this is done.

    I just spoke with my Mom yesterday about my aunt who is dying and physically and mentally incapacitated most of the time, but not in a nursing home yet. All the assets she as left is an insurance policy and a nurasing home would take it all. I will call her grandaughter today to make sure she pulls money out of that poicy while her grandmother is not legally declared mentally incapacitated, to pre pay for her Grandmother's funeral in full before applying for a nursing home.

    I have no idea what her will states, but I know a nursing home will drain it. For the past 10 years her nephew has lived with her and cared for her but it is getting to be over his abilities since he also has to work, and he wants to have a life too!

    I am so glad she is not a member of this WT ( or other type church) vulchure ( I know that is not spelled correctly ugh)

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