Violent entertainment and it's effects

by sabastious 32 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • PSacramento

    Was there any form of entertainment more burtal than the circus maximus ?

  • pontoon

    I think men first became violent when God started to require animal scrafices after adam sinned. Imangine the millions of animals slaughted in the name of religion. What about in the Law Covenant stoning your mother or son or daughter or father to death for a violation of law? Not only kill the sinner, but make him/her suffer first. How about God having foolish children torn to pieces by a bear because they were disrespectful, or the guy on reflex tried to prevent the ark from falling. The worship of Jeh included violence. "Nature" is more violent than Iraq. I've turned off nature shows because I don't like seeing animals torn to shreds by other animals. I personally don't like violent entertainment just for the sake of seeing violence, but I love watching boxing. I can't figure it all out. But we were taught that we were created in God's image of God and God has no problem with violence. The bible is full of "righteous retribution".

  • Giordano

    I started playing ghost recon with my Grandson when he was five we'd sneak away and play in the den. Bad Gramps, I know. But he is and has always been a gentle child, he's 12 now. He'll still ask me to play the game with him. "Come on Gramps lets bust a cap through a terrorists head." Admittedly it's an old game and perhaps the newer ones are more destructive. But his parents limit his time and he doesn't get to play violent games at home.

    One great show for violence loving ex JWS is the TV show 'Sons of Anarchy' on AMC. Also available on DVD. A motorcycle gang that resembles the Sopranos by way of Hamlet. The acting is very good and the violence is sudden and often unexpected.

    On occasion I'll come across something that grosses me out. It's too over the top. When the Exorcist first came out my son pestered me to see it. He was way to young for that movie, so I told him when he turned 13 if it came around I promised to take him to the theater. Figured he'd forget about it by then and/or it wouldn't be back. Wrong on both counts. So a promise is a promise and we're watching the movie when it gets to the scene where the little girl/demon uses a cross too............and I hear my son say "ok I've seen enough ..... time to go" and out we went.

    The Braveheart movie? At the end when the black masked torturer approached the Mel Gibson character with his disemboweling ax/hook I swear he said "This is going to pinch a little." When my dentist tells me that it's time to go.

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