Fred Franz

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  • brotherunsure

    I think Michael Jackson was disassociated. I wonder if somebody would get disfellowshiped for being caught with one of his albums?

  • ambersun
    You'd honestly think the very last straw would be the false date of 6,000 years of "human existence" ending in 1975 would have ended Fred Franz's career and his reputation---but, it didn't!

    No, it just ended any hopes of a career for thousands of JW children growing up in the 1960s/70s, who are now reaching retirement age without a pension. Myself included.

    Thanks Fred !!!

  • d

    I think Fred Franz had the ability to hook people.But as we know he used for ill purposes.Like I said before,it is sad to think no Jw knows their true history.I think if the Witness knew the truth about Russel, Rutherford and Knorr.The religion would crumble before our eyes and the governing body would lose control.

  • d

    If he were alive he would rambling on about how the violence in the middle east is going to spread to the United states and how the world would engulf itself in world revolution.A witness once told me China is going to invade the U.S and we will be enslaved by them.I was like WTF.I felt like saying you know you're crazy right? I mean seriously these people are truly distrubed.

  • r51785

    Shakespeare said that brevity is the soul of wit. If that is true than Fred Franz was the most dim-witted of men. Fred would never say in ten words what he could say in ten thousand.

  • d

    I wonder what he would say about the unrest we are experiencing in this year? he would all to excited about the unrest. I know many witness today are excited about the unrest. This is just plain distrubing.

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