New Facebook Rule for JWs?

by wifeofjw 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • chickpea

    every time one of these threads pops up,
    i pop over to FB to check out how many
    of the JWs from the KH i attended are
    still on.... many have moved away and
    still have family in this area, but family
    arent the only peeps listed as friends...
    i can only assume that there has to be
    a spectrum of BoEs these dr0nes are
    "subject" to, and they are being ignored!

    there are also indicators, like the movies or
    bands they "like" that show the dr0nes are
    actually "limping on two opinions"

    mother cannot be happy

  • d

    That is so stupid Facebook is not that bad,Granted if you use it for the wrong purpose it can be bad.Everything in modration.But I am assuming they do't know that.

  • Magwitch

    I was not very interested in joining FB until I heard the society was trying to limit it. I then was immediately interested and joined.

    Thanks GB - I have now connected with many old friends that I would not have foung if it had not been for your timely advice.

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