What the WT requires for reinstatement

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  • wannabefree

    One must be examplary for appointments in the congregation. Being reinstated is more like being appointed than a baptism.

    To be appointed to a position such as elder or ms requires a higher level of being examplary than it does to maintain the position.

  • nelly136

    I write what I agree with and what I don't. Half of what I write is my own thoughts. But I guess it doesn't matter as long as it looks like I am being indoctrinated...

    indoctrinated people dont have their own thoughts, i'd leave those disagreeing thoughts out, they just show your heart condition isn't in accordance to requirements.

  • Hoffnung

    indeed it is required to show an underlined watchtower and bookstudy book. It does not mean you have to study though. It is neither going to make you a better person. Regular meeting attendance is also required. But that is really it. In my case (my disfellowshipment lasted less then one year) I definitely was worse on the day that I was reinstated than the day that I was DFed. When I was DFed, I wanted the elders' help, and I got a kick in the butt. The appeal comittee gave one kick in the butt more, just to make sure... Funny thing as well, you go to the elders to get help, and their idea of 'helping' is... organizing a trial by the judicial comittee where you 1st have to prove you deserve that help. As my 'proves' were not strong enough: Ciao. Thank you for asking our help, but we are not going to help you out of your darkest depressive days, oh and, by the way, as you have followed our recommandations about friends in the world very well, nobody out there is going to help you either. It is a cold dark world I was kicked in to. So I had lots of time (I was a quite active JW before) to examine the doubts that came up. I also had lots of time to get over my cold feet to visit the websites about the witnesses, and lots of time to order Ray's books and to read them.

    When they called me for the meeting for reinstatement, they were only interested in that particular thing for which I was DFed. No interrogation about my lifestyle the last few months, nothing. That meeting did not even last 10 minutes. I could have done anything I wanted, I was accountable to no one! And nobody has ever asked how I survived these months, if I gave in to alcohol, drugs, immoral conduct, not even my parents. (I did not, but I could have). Needless to say that this proved to me there was no Holy Spirit involved in all of this. If I was not disfellowshipped, I might never have woken up.

    Dear elders, thank you for help. Please help kick more of my bros and sisters in the butt the same way as you helped me.


  • Snoozy

    I guess since they aren't allowed to answer it is the only way they can tell it a person is paying attention...I would think they would also have to make sure the right answers are underlined...

    I saw the question asked about the rules for disfellowshipped or disassociated..to come back..not sure of the answer to that...
    I never went back (except for hubby's memorial to any meetings.)


  • WTWizard

    To me, underlining is a complete waste of time. They are asking for the wrong thing--I could cheat and present all my littera-trash fully underlined to fake "study". And, it would do me no good.

    On the other hand, I could just practice. When I looked at videos of professionals decorating for Christmas, I took no notes (let alone underlining anything). Rather, I ordered whatever tools and equipment I would need, and practiced. Then, after I got it all up, I looked at the mistakes and where I could do better next time. Eventually, it will be a Hollywood-quality display without so much as touching a page with a highlighter!

    I guess the witlesses don't give a fxxx that study (or fake study) is simply not important unless you practice--and, if the religion is that demeaning, it is not worth practicing in the first place. Which at least the practice with my Christmas display creates something worthwhile.

  • etna

    Its true about underlining. When my wife was getting re-instated, I would underline her mags and books, to make her look good. I havn't been df, just faded. As soona she got re-instated(because of family) she hasn't been back and no-one has even contacted her. That was 18 months ago, they really care for their sheep.......


  • sabastious

    Little scribble notes on the WT study pages works good too, the Elders love to see that.


  • DanaBug

    Ah yes, don't forget the notes! All the bible verses written out so you don't have to look them up, and thus miss the context. My dad uses a footnote system for that, each scripture gets a little number.

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