Creepy Talks

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  • lilbluekitty

    I remember there were talks that were more opinion than anything else, one where the brother was telling this illustration about a guy talking to Jehovah on judgement day and him saying all these good things that he did (the guy) and then Jah saying yes you attended all the meetings and did this and that but because you didn't go out in service and then he basically got destroyed and the bro on the platform said that's not going to be any of YOU, brothers is it? Basically guilting us to go out in service. Aren't we supposed to do it with joy and not with sighing?

    A lot of the Armageddon talks made my hair stand up on end even as a kid. I heard about it so much I started believing if I did one thing wrong I'd be destroyed. Yes, that's what every child enjoys thinking about every night before bed. =/

  • scary21

    I love this thread.......anymore stories ?

  • hoser

    We had one guy who gave the talk about a clean people honor Jehovah. He didn't follow the outline but basically talked about his wife not cleaning the house good enough. She was in the audience. You could tell she was visibly upset.

    I know him fairly well and he is an arrogant $%^&.

  • puffthedragon

    That you should NEVER EVER EVER miss meetings, because one day you could get there and there could be a bus to take us all into hiding because the great tribulation was begining, and that no one that missed the meeting could be contacted and saved.


  • Xanthippe

    One CO gave this talk about when a couple get married and they walk off into married life there's a skeleton running behind them. Meaning that death is chasing everyone. He was obsessed with skeletons that guy. They came up in other talks.

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