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  • d

    Do any of you remeber any talks that were creepy in nature.For example I remember a talk where a brother said "When the end comes your friends and family will be against you" Now if that is not crazy I don't know What is.I remember alot of talks regarding bible prophecy and the end times.All of this did not help reinforce the sense of fear since it was 2007-2008 and the United States was going through a recession.This just proved to be fuel for their talks.Give good experiences of any talks that you have had that proved to be either weird or very creepy.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    that your preaching was a sign to the angels that you are to be saved and if you don't have that mark the angels will come and smash your head in... from a CO with scriputers and everything

  • pirata

    Awesome talk that I would have considered weird as a witness, but makes a lot of sense now. Fred Franz gave it in 1984 outlining the early history of the organization. Well worth a listen:

  • JimmyPage

    I once heard a talk that was the exact opposite of what Jesus taught about the Good Samaritan. It was saying how we shouldn't help "worldly" people in need because they don't share our faith. My sister-in-law said the speaker was whacked in the head. His congregation really had no business sending him out anywhere to give talks (not that any JW is qualified LOL).

  • scary21

    One that was sooooo funny, a CO was talking about Adam & Eve. He said , no he screamed " WHEN ADAM SAW EVE HE SAID" SHE'S SOOO LOVELY, SO BEAUTIFUL, oh thank you jehovah SHES GORGOUS ( even a louder scream) SHE'S BEAUUUUUUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • scary21

    The CO was single HA! HA!

  • james_woods

    We used to have a society outline for a full hour talk about DEMONS.

    This was beyond weird - including various urban legends about JWs getting into trouble with demons, descriptions of demonized items, descriptions of demons sexually molesting JW females (never males, you may note-), descriptions of "ectoplasm" (they believed in it), descriptions of household items being levitated by demons, and so on.

    It was one of the most popular public talks of the day.

    In rectrospect, some of the recent stuff about absolute loyalty to the GB is actually weirder.

  • JimmyPage

    CO Randy Letcher's "Flight From Pella" talk was certainly designed to ratchet up the fear and paranoia to get you to follow the GB.

  • zoiks

    The old "Sex and Marriage" talk was always fun. One brother used this line, "It is a man's right to touch his wife in a sexual manner. But, brothers, we should not be exercising that right in public places!"

    Pure gold.

  • will_the_apostate

    ahhh in the early 90's when we were doing the young people ask book the chapter on masturbation... most akward and funny talk i have ever heard

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