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  • d

    I am new Here I have posted only a couple of times.I still an nervous though. I left the witness in 2008 and am still struggling with my belief syestem .Although I am now Reading Richard Dawkins The God Delusion which by the way is a really good book I am already in chapter 2.So here I am new and unsure, if I should be on this site or not.

  • BabaYaga

    Hello and welcome, D! Keep reading... keep wondering. It would be a cruel and merciless god indeed, who punished a wondrous & curious mind.


  • Ding


  • Retrovirus

    Welcome from another newbie, D!

    Should you be here? Who gets to tell you what you "should" do? Even the Bible says to examine all things.

    Richard Dawkins writes some very interesting stuff. If it's a tad confrontational, follow up any of the biology or philosophy in textbooks or by Googling. Given your previous experience, you may also find material on independent thinking and logical fallacies useful.

    Happy reading and learning!


  • GrandmaJones


  • mamalove

    Hi There! 2008 was quite a while ago, so what conclusions have you drawn so far. Welcome!

  • yknot

    Of course you belong on this site!!!!

    The more you talk the better you feel!


  • mouthy

    Welcome !!! Good to have you aboard. Have you read "Crises Of Conscience"By Raymond Franz
    It is really worth the read. Or even " A Birds Eyeview Of The Bible" By Jean Eason... Both great.

    I think you will find great fellowship on line. So come back more often. I am the Granny

    on board. They all put up with me,as the religion the bible teaches is to look after widows
    & children ,I am in my second childhood


  • flipper

    D- Nice to have you here on the site and continue reading and educating yourself ! Access to information is a good thing ! Look forward to hearing more from you. Please know you are among friends here who have been through similar trials exiting the witnesses . Take care

  • 3Mozzies

    Welcome d

    This site has helped me more than I am can put into words. Hang around and read the threads that challenge your beliefs, they help you open your mind to different ways of thinking etc...

    This book helped me a lot: Download: JEHOVAH UNMASKED Nathaniel J. Merritt (author) has provided it for free as a pdf.

    I don't agree with everything the author wrote but 'boy or boy' did it help me open my mind & see things from such a different viewpoint.

    I'm currently reading Bart D. Ehrman - 'God's Problem'. Another great book!


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