Kent Sate masscre

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    This video shows more footage of what happend.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I can recall it as though it happened yesterday. It completely shocked and repulsed me. I was an activist. To my surprise the commercial rock format station in NY had DJs screaming that the Revolution had come and everyone needed to get on the streets to retaliate and organize. I was a high school student but commuted pretty far to much state university campus just to be with people. I was crying. There was an immense bonfire. Strikes started. I attended the funeral of the slain NY student. A massive protest march was scheduled for DC. There was no permit so the ACLU and other groups started issuing public warnings to bring bail money. Altho I wanted to go to law school, I was willing to be arrested. Almost eager. There was more passion on the DC march that any other.

    There was also better entertainment at the rally. I was curious to sight see as I marched so I took a detour and marched closer to the White House. There were tanks on the lawn and soldiers, not police. Several rows of buses surrounded the White House perimeter as a barricade. Some marching trouble makers started to knock the buses over. The potential for another Kent State was great. I never ran so fast in my entire life. A permit was granted at the last moment. I still brought bail money.

    I did not like the Neil Young song immediately.

    Most of those killed were not even demonstrating but walking to class. The woman kneeling down and crying/screaming is such an iconic photo of those times.

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