You want THE TRUTH? You can't HANDLE THE TRUTH!!

by Terry 26 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • asilentone
  • stillajwexelder

    Truth is not absolute - the WT happily uses the phrase "Current Truth"

  • Nickolas

    Each to their own and may your gods or illusions go with you - it's cold outside

    Seconded. All in favour?

  • mouthy

    All in favour?

  • Farkel

    :The Watchtower's theory of The Truth is something very flimsy, incomplete and fragile which constantly needs change,

    I like this old Zen saying, "Those who know, don't say. Those who don't know, say."

    Watchtower zealots just can't shut up! They are REQUIRED to be blabbermouths by their religious masters in Brooklyn.


  • freydo

    HERE'S ANOTHER Little TRUTH - for those who really want it. As our culture descends in to the abyss.

    Homosexuality & Demonic Possession

  • BabaYaga

    That's quite a scrapbook. Thank you.

  • Heaven

    That orange Paradise Lost book was one we studied when I was a kid. The one that really pissed me off though was the red "Your Youth" book. That one hit me at the right time. It doesn't do your organization well to tell a teenage girl that her future includes one of constant blame for all men's sexual problems and that you have to be a slave to one of them. Uuuh... no thanks. Buh Bye Now!

    The definition of Truth in the WTS: New Light

    Remember, it just keeps getting brighter! ( )

    More WTS Truth:

    Lies = Theocratic Warfare

    Love = Shunning

    Humbleness = Judging and Self-Righteous Boasting

    God's Chosen = "I'm Right and You're Wrong and Going to Die at Armageddon"

  • RosePetal

    Thanks terry, the two books The Divine Plan of the Ages and The Finished Mystery a helping hand for Bible students should have read 'a controlling hand'.

  • wasblind

    " You could stack their "Food at the Proper Time" as high on a table as you like and none of it would be acceptable by current Watchtower Governing Body members as worth teaching!"

    You got it Terry,

    there's been a lot of recall foods in the news these past few years, peanut butter, spinach, eggs,

    to bad the FDA don't monitor the spiritual food comin' out of Bethel. A lot of JW's have been harmed

    consuming that stuff.

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