How families were broken up by wife’s becoming JW’s back in the 50’s

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  • LV101

    the suffering endured because of this cancer. MOUTHY --- you have integrity and are standing up to EVIL. if there's a God, he will bless you!

    i was in religion short time (actually attending couple yrs. but brainwashed from publications -- talk about naive/stupid coming out of a very toxic family) but i became physically ill trying to deal w/all the hypocrisy and crazy dogma - OMIGAWD! scripture & w/tower recaps didn't click and i couldn't put the pieces together even though i was at their mercy to learn the bible --- like adding any additional burdens (that's all they do, it's a business for profit) and they were chosen as the truth and dealing w/the miserable people --- WTF! nothing made sense to me.

    this cult needs to be EXPOSED.


  • mouthy

    LV101......So glad to hear you escaped .Good for you
    I don't know about integrity but thanks for thinking I do LOL
    I truly believe there is a GOD I have to be honest ,I tell HIM
    MANY TIMES!!! during the news!!!!"HEY LORD!!I wouldn't let a dog suffer
    as some of these folks are ,Why don't you do something about it"?
    Then he goes & does something about it( Like I was so upset about the Miners
    that was trapped ) then when they were freed ,it was great to see the guy with JESUS
    written on his sleeve.I had to say "Alright I am sorry" who knows anything nowadays
    All I DO know is I know less now than I did all my life....I was a" MRS KNOWITALL"
    as my hubby used to call me ,Now I am "MS knownothing "

    p.s. to my old man!!!! Hey Frank if your up there you were right!!!

  • wasblind

    "p.s. to my old man!!!! Hey Frank if your up there you were right!!! "

    Alright Granny,

    your makin' me reach for a kleenex now, trust,

    you don't want me cryin' all over the place, I can't look cute crying'

  • mouthy

    wasblind it was supposed to make you laugh NOT CRY!!!!

  • wasblind

    Ok Granny, i'll dry it up cause I don't want my make up to run or to look like this man does

  • mouthy

    Oh Isnt that Lebron!!!???? There !there! Lebron Dont cry Granny will run that touchdown for you...
    We dont want waslind to lose her mascara do we

  • wasblind

    LOL @ Granny,

    I'm really and truly am Laughing at you Granny, he's a basketball player, they don't have touch down in basketball

    Granny you can't run a touch down on a basket ball court

    I need some kleenex cause I'm crying' from laughin'

    Granny you are somethin' else

  • mouthy

    LOL I pressed on his picture you posted LOL What do I know about baseball,football etc.

    See I learn something every day from you kids ..Boy am I glad I adopted you wasblind

  • poppers

    There !there! Lebron Dont cry Granny will run that touchdown for you...

    LOL! That's just hilarious, Granny! Even though you got the wrong sport the image you created was really funny. It reminds me of this:

    I bet you'd do better than Betty White.

  • wasblind

    LOL @ Poppers,

    oh yea Poppers that's a great reminder

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