Prayer & Good vibes needed for our Dear Rabbit JWD/N member

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  • new light
    new light

    Good vibes.

  • Scully

    Rabbit & Mrs. Rabbit

    Thinking of you at this difficult time... hoping for a speedy recuperation!

  • wasblind

    Mr. & Mrs. Rabbit,

  • Violia


    please pm here or FB and let me know how to help. I like them both very much.


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    My thoughts are with them


  • FlyingHighNow

    I talked to Rabbit twice this past week and didn't think to ask him what hospital. I think he mentioned it but it didn't register. I don't think he will be up to answering his cellphone for a while, if he'll even be capable. I don't know if his wife answers his cellphone. He uses it for his business number, so she might.

    I know Baba seemed to think he didn't want attention over this. He didn't tell me that, but thanked me, even though he is agnostic (his wife is not agnostic), for asking people to pray for them. He has seen some pretty harsh attitudes on JWD about health insurance and health care in the USA and was disillusioned by those debates. He has been very hurt in a deeply personal way by our pitiful lack of access to health care for those with pre-existing conditions and those at the right income to be disqualified for anything but the most extreme emergency health care. That is the main reason he did not bring this to the forum. Right now he is thinking of the most important things of life and not interested in the opinions of people who really haven't thought through what lack of health insurance due to a pre-existing health problem can do to a person or family. He is taken care of NOW...a little maybe too late. It's a long story.

  • FlyingHighNow

    It was worth saying twice. Double accidental post.

  • talesin


    Surgery was postponed till monday - all prayers/good energy please send.

    Hey, fhn,, send me an email. Rabbit has told me things have not been easy your way.

    Hugs to all!

    Mr. & Mrs. Rabbit are going to get through this.



  • BabaYaga

    Thank you, dear Flying High Now.

    Yes, I was told he didn't want this on the board, but I am hoping that some good might come from all of the love and strength and energy being sent to Rabbit and the lovely Mrs. Rabbit now that the word is out.

    Huge love and healing to you both.

  • Scott77

    Mr. & Mrs. Rabbit


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