Can someone help me please???

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  • Cthulhu

    Greetings and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings. You should thank yourself as well. One thing I would suggest, though it may seem minor, is that you stop apologizing. I saw you say you were sorry for saying this that or the other thing numerous times. These are your feelings. This is your voice. Learn to embrace, not oppress, it.

    I wish you well. It is a long journey, but well worth making.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Welcome as well

    Cthulhu is so right you wrote a very great post and you explained your thoughts in a great way. That is YOUR voice and do not let anyone take that from you. I know when I was your age and I tried to voice my thoughts and feelings my husband said my thinking was skewed and I shut up thinking I was in the wrong, I was not wrong but I lost 20 years of my life trying to fit into the JW world instead of listing to my voice.

    Listen to your voice it is telling you the truth.


  • nugget

    I do feel for you. The problem is you have been blackmailed emotionally to go back into something you know is wrong. You are not returning because you have satisfied yourself about their veracity but because your family is still in and you naturally miss their companionship. This is one of the crueler aspects of this religion.

    Outside the organisation you do have freedom to investigate and make judgements, inside you are not. Your family are the ones trapped in a lie. If they belonged to another destructive cult would you feel you had to join or rather would you try to help them from the outside? Having a fiancee on the outside is a precious gift and a chance to build a foundation for a new life. Knowing what you do is it really fair to inflict that level of control on someone else? Control that will extend to the most personal details of your life together and will affect medical and moral choices.

    I left after 44 years in the organisation if I was in your position I would have left earlier and never gone back.

  • mouthy

    My welcome to you tooI am the Granny on board 83 was a faithful follower of the Cult for 25yrs
    I made 10 people JW's For which I am truly sorry for now,but I was ignorant.You have received good
    advice from those posting above me. Please dont encourage your boyfriend to go to the KH any more

    as I have stated so many times it is mindcuffing your encouraging .The Watchtower has tried to replace
    JESUS CHRIST!!!But if you examine it really it works for Satan,dividing familes ,making people think they
    are offending GOD if they dont have enough hours,killing themselves when they have been counselled
    about masturbating( young ones ) Remember it is NOT BY WORKS!!!! we are saved it is by Faith,& faith in
    an organization is WRONG!!!!!!! Let your Conscience be your guide. Read Crises Of Conscience by Ray Franz

    But in my Humble opinion you would be better of to quit going to the KH your only messing with YOUR own mind Is my story if you care to read .

    I am very outspoken & a little harsh at times ,Sorry if I have offended you.

    Keep posting it is GREAT to have you hear I am MOUTHY!!!!

  • GrandmaJones

    You made a post on another thread, and it got me to thinking about you and your situation. The first question you need to resolve, the question that comes before "what is the Truth?" is "Is this organization God's channel of communication? I suggest you read "Captives of a Concept" and you can get a download (pdf) for about seven bucks. It's concise, clear and easy to understand, uses good references and footnotes, and when you are finished, many of your questions are answered. I have done a year of research, and most of what convinced me that this is not the truth was already in "Captives".

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