Can someone help me please???

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  • oldlightnewshite

    Welcome Safirblue.

    Many Millions of people on earth lead secular lives, and get along just fine. Question the idea that you must have a spiritual need. I think it's a fallacy. The Watchtower loves to drum it into the congregations about being happy and conscious of your spiritual need. I am personally more moved by nature and natural beauty, than any mere words and theories about god in any books. Having a good long hiatus in any spiritual thinking can really clear the decks and help you to analyze things objectively.

  • GrandmaJones

    It's a tough journey, but worth every step...

  • safireblu64

    Wow thanks so much guys. I feel so welcomed and unjudged. I cannot tell you how wonderful that is. I feel like I have somewhere I can actually turn to in this pit of darkness. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and personal stories with me....I know now I am not alone in what I feel in my heart. By the way I am 28 years old, I am still young so at least I still have a good bit of my life ahead of me that I can make right

  • tec

    Safire, welcome to the board and thank you for sharing your story.

    There are a couple of things that I would like to offer, and perhaps someone already has said these things, but they probably bear repeating :)

    First, Christ is the Truth. Plain and simple. Every organization out there is wrong - having a mixture of true things and false things. In fact, all of us are wrong about things, and right about other things. But this is okay. You don't have to be perfect. All you have to do is put your faith and your trust in Christ - who is the Truth, the Way, and the Life.

    There is also no 'where' that you have to turn to. There is only a 'who' for you to turn to. I know the NWT has Peter asking, "to where will we go, Lord?" But it is not where... every other translation (that I know of) asks to WHOM will we go? And this makes sense for more than just a translation error. Christ is asking them if they want to leave HIM. A person. Not a place.

    I'm sure you feel lost - and in the pit of darkness. I certainly felt both of those, and I was so desperate to find the truth, to find a place to be. But Christ is the answer to both of your questions. Even if you don't really know how to start that journey. Just turn your life over to Him, and have faith in Him.

    If you need a starting point, (besides asking God to send Christ to you - because He can help you more than any organization or person) a good thing to remember is that He taught love and mercy and forgiveness first and foremost. Those are far more important than any rule that can and will continue to be broken.


  • Hadit

    Welcome Safireblu! Thank you for sharing your story. I'm so sorry about what you are going through with family. That is the hardest part. Such love and kindness the WT advocates. It's a HUGE shift to think that we don't have all the answers! How could we? How boring would life be if we knew it all? We are here to learn and experience, ask questions, make mistakes, enjoy life, love and out of that we WEAVE our own beliefs and our OWN path. Sometimes those paths cross with others, sometimes not - each to his own. What matters is that you love and respect yourself and then share that with others. You will find your way just fine. You are well on your way! We are here to share the journey with you - we are all on it too!

    You are young and have a whole life of freedom ahead of you. Grasp it and run - oh and breathe!!!

    Take good care,


  • BabaYaga

    Hello and welcome, SafireBlu.

    Keep reading. Keep posting. Breathe deep. Relax. Don't do anything that doesn't feel right. Everything will sort itself out in its own time, but you must keep reading and keep questioning.

    It gets better, and easier, I promise.



    Hi Safireblu64,

    Welcome. Remember, we've all been through what you're going through right now. It's good to see another life opened up to the reality of what has been taking place for over 100 years now. And there are more to come. Right now someone is reading this thread but has yet to take that step and come out into the open and join us.

    You will find so many different views on here but the common thread is that we all want to find the truth or prove to ourselves that the hurt and oppression meted out by the WTS does not come from God.

    For those that choose to believe, we know we are all children of God. I have 5 children. They are all different, are going in different ways and have different views on all aspects of life. But I love them all the same and recognise them as my children. This is possible thanks to being created in the image of God.

    Get back to the basics. I would say you are left with a level of confusion right now but it's so refreshing to read the bible again with an open mind without a WT along side telling you what everything means.

    When Paul wrote his letters, he didn't a separate document with the letter explaining what he meant. If his contemporaries were able to understand what he wrote then why cant we with the benefit of hindsight and a mass of local and historical information to add to the context?

    Start all over again. For me I started at Matthew 24 and couldn't beleive some fo the things in there I'd never seen before. Form your own conclusion.

    What man has the right to tell you that based on your thoughts and opinions God will destroy you?

    From what you've experienced so far, would you not expect so much more from an organisation owned by God? Would the sovereign of the universe be happy to put his name to the WTS?

    As for looking for somewhere else to turn to, in my opinion you wont find it. Here are my reasons why if you want to consider them:

    1. Paul foretold there would be a great apostasy. All falling away or turning away from the core doctrine. Over time the first century congregation would break up as a result.

    2. True worship is to be restored and Jesus is the one who will put that in place when he returns. Who else would you choose?

    3. He has not returned yet.

    4. When he does return, "all nations will know and will beat themselves" "lightening will flash forth from one side of the sky to another". It will not be a secret event discerned by a small group or a single person who stole his ideas from other bible students of the time and who were subsequently written off as unrighteous and not worthy of the Kingdom.

    The funniest thing for me in all this (which I came to realise after lurking here for a while) is that the organisation didn't realise Christs 1914 return or the special assignment bestowed upon them in 1919 until many years after. How can you be the only people able to discern Christs return and miss it by many years? How can you be chosen and subsequently used by Christ and not realise it for many years? Duh!

    This is all a bit doctrinal I know but my point is to help you shake off some of the guilt you may be experiencing as a result of the way you are thinking right now. Have a good read of the bible, you'll be amazed.

    I thought I was well versed in scripture after 30 years in. I wasn't. I was well versed in WTS publications. How many times do you hear witnesses say "There's a Watchtower that says... " "There's an article here that says..." "In this publication you'll find..."

    How about what the bible says?


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Trust your instincts Saffy.

    If something doesn't make sense, it isn't because you are stupid, or need guidance, or have your brain addled by invisible space critters. It is usually just because it really doesn't make sense.

    Welcome to the forum.




    A book you should read is called: Opening the Door to Jehovah's Witnesses. A free download is available.

    If you are interested, go to and type or paste into the search box the number 5456415.

    You will be able to read the about the book before downloading it.

  • Curtains

    how nice that there is a free book to download - my thanks to Trevor Willis the author.

    safireblue this comment of yours kept sticking in my mind

    All I want is the truth. No bribes, no gimmics, no guilt trips, no scare tactics.....I simply want to know what the bible requires

    what I will say and what I have found useful is to think of truth as something you turn towards and then truth turns towards you. The key is to think of it as movement - towards and from - a dance on the horizon like when a pilot negotiates to level a plane. The pilot can make turns, dives and somersaults whilst remaining in motion -the levelling tools he has helps him stay on the horizon. I think that intuitively we know that life is like this - movements towards truth and the experience of truth moving towards us along with all its hardships. Where we get stuck is when we want to make life and truth static to make it pure and good and this is what happens when Jehovahs witnesses and other religions say there is one truth, or that they have the truth or they are in the truth. Perhaps what they are alluding to is that they experience the movement of truth in their lives and I would not have problem with this however they seek to go beyond this and try to make truth into a cold hard dead thing (like a beautiful marble statue) and perhaps you sense this disturbing aspect and are put off by it.

    I hope this helps you a little as in you opening post you are very clear in your desire to find truth. Feeling disoriented or in darkness is not necessarily that you are far away from truth, it may just mean that you are changing direction -(like the pilot) and in my opinion changing direction is a part of living life as movement.

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