I stopped going to the Kingdom Hall

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  • Ding

    FloridaPerry wrote, "Salvation is a GIFT. That is clearly made in the NT, that it CANNOT be earned. JW's SAY they agree with that, but that is clearly not as they function."

    Excellent insight -- I think you've hit the nail on the head!

    This works righteousness v. faith righteousness issue was the crux of the debate between the Catholic Church and Martin Luther and other Protestant reformers in the 1500s.

    The WTS despises the Roman Catholic religion, but there are so many similarities.

    Both talk about salvation by faith, but both have a works system for getting there; in practice, the works supplant faith in Jesus' sacrifice.

    Both stress the importance of Jesus but both say that their organization is the only true way to get to God (although the Catholic church has mellowed on this, even acknowledging that Protestants can be saved without becoming Catholics!).

    Salvation by grace alone through faith alone in the finished work of Christ was the keystone of the Reformation insight into the NT gospel message.

    But by stressing "EXERCISING faith" and twisting the "work out your own salvation" scripture, the Watchtower has Jehovah's Witnesses on an endless treadmill of theocratic works by which they are never certain of their salvation and always fearful that they haven't done enough to obtain Jehovah's acceptance and approval.

    It's an OT law system masquerading as NT grace.

  • yknot

    I think things can be best summed up as ....... as Armageddon failed to happen the WTS has had to keep adding reasoning 'why' (ie Jesus meant explanation of Generation) and advocating hardliner POV (ie unity to the point of forced conformity cult). 2014 looms near and they are having to face some major losses and need for expansion of interpretation beyond the coattails of Rutherford and Franz... which of course none of them signed on for as younger men.

  • FloridaPerry

    Thanks for the B.R.C.I. link. Very informative. I have recently decided to commit my life to God, I just was unsure of what I should do. Obviously there have been a lot of unresolved questions in my mind that needed resolved before I could move on. Understanding who the Jehovah's Witnesses are is a big help. These people influenced my life for my first 17 formative years. "Religion" has been a turn off for me since then. The WT society is a lie. They are part of the ones they preach AGAINST. Their ways inflicted a lot of pain and confusion in my life, some of which I never understood until now. The Lord knows I needed to understand who they are and what happened to me before I could move on. I look forward to more reading and conversing on this forum and others.

  • BluesBrother

    Welcome FloridaPerry......

    In my experience the elders have not been as extreme as many people have claimed, but I have read so many individual accounts of experiences that I am sure that they do happen

  • LV101

    mouthy: what does B.R.C.I. stand for?



  • Ding


    If you want to serve God, I would recommend that you take time to sort out what you are going to believe now that you no longer trust the WTS.

    Since you have read the NT several times, I'm sure you have a great start on this.

    Look for a relationship with Jesus rather than trying to find some organization to join.

  • mouthy

    .LV101>>>>>B.R.C.I stands for

    Biblical research & Commentary International

  • Botzwana

    Thanks for opening up Florida...I am feeling the same way. I believe this will haunt me for the rest of my life. The doom and gloom etc.

  • FloridaPerry

    It doesn't have to haunt you, you just need to seem them as a cult and not the "truth". All these years, in some part of my mind. I could still hear people telling me, "Perry, you KNOW it's the truth". Until now, I never dealt with that "voice". Now, being detached from it for so long, it's easier to see them for what they are. "The truth", what a brainwashing technique. I see people saying, "the reason I left the truth........". These people are good at what they do. Just remember, there are depressed, unhappy people everywhere. Just because you can do things now that you felt like you couldn't before doesn't mean it's going to bring happiness. It may initially, but that may be more from the freedom of restraint. If you still want to be a Christian, sin is still an issue. You just have to deal with it on your own instead of someone jumping in your face to force guilt on you. The social stucture is what most ex-JW's miss, from what I can tell.

  • LV101

    thanks, mouthy.


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