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  • purplesofa

    I don't know why I particularly got this daily text today, I don't usually get them.

    But, I could not help but share the comment that went with it.

    Heres the text:

    Wednesday, November 3 Those who [marry] will have tribulation in their flesh.—1 Cor. 7:28. The “tribulation” may involve health problems for the couple, their children, or their aging parents. It may also involve difficulties and heartaches connected with the rearing of their children. The Bible foretold that “the last days” would bring “critical times hard to deal with.” Among the things hard to deal with would be children who are “disobedient to parents.” (2 Tim. 3:1-3) Rearing children is a serious challenge for Christian parents. We are not shielded from the adverse effects of the current “critical times.” Hence, Christian parents have to wage an ongoing fight against the pernicious influence that “the system of things of this world” can have on their children. (Eph. 2:2, 3) And the battle is not always won! In case a son or a daughter of a Christian family stops serving Jehovah, it is, indeed, “tribulation” for parents who have tried to raise him or her in God’s truth.—Prov. 17:25. w08 4/15 4:14, 15

    Heres the comment:

    Lesson learned?

    Don't get married, what they comment from the Branch says is true...

    I recommend Chemical castration. In the New world Jesus can fix that :0)

  • OnTheWayOut

    That comment from WTS belongs right on my thread- my rant about the children JW's.

    AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This friggin' cult makes me mad when I think about the parents "who have tried to raise him or her in God’s truth" and failed so they view it as tribulation for the parents.

  • mrsjones5

    My mother once told me and recently repeated that I'm not a jw today because of my worldly husband. Which is funny cuz I never got baptised to become a jw and I stopped attending meetings regularly about 6 years before I met my husband (I was 27 when I married my husband).

  • WTWizard

    Of course there will be tribulation in the flesh--and a good chunk of that tribulation comes from the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger. Making it so damn hard for children to obey the religion, teaching them that they are worthless, killing all their fun, and forcing them to live as pio-sneers and Beth Hellites is surely a good way to make sure any smart person will leave the cancer.

    And, a good portion of that "tribulation in the flesh" involves money and sex issues. Money issues are made worse when the Washtowel Slaveholdery insists that both take crap jobs, that one or both pio-sneer, and that he reaches out to be a hounder. Sex issues come when the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger keeps printing articles in their Washtowel rags (which children have to study) that kill any initiative. You can only do it the standard way, which takes away all the fun. Not to mention health issues that are imposed on the witlesses because their lifestyles are the most sickness inducing in the world.

  • DagothUr

    I studied the Bible with a family in which both were regular pioneers and had no children. They subtly encouraged me not to think of having children and instead concentrate on a "spiritual career", meaning pioneering. They also tried to subtly suppress my desire to marry, but I was always very firm on that position. It seems the BORG atrociously needs single young males...

  • watson

    "We told you so. You shouldn't have had kids!" With 60 to 70% of the young ones leaving, they have to blame someone....Satan, "the world," or the parents. Subtle way to do it.

  • zoiks

    How nice of them to keep reminding parents with unbelieving children to feel sorry for themselves and to view their child's course as a failure.

    Little articles like this continue to undo any hard-fought progress that I make in my relationship with my parents.

  • clarity

    "We are not shielded from the adverse effects of the current “critical times.” Hence, Christian parents have to wage an ongoing fight.."


    Sheeeesh! Just one more "Constant Battle" without end! One more load of bricks piled on your back!

    Truth be known, most JW kids are acting out against the crazyness of the borg. We make our own particular "critical times"!!!!

    Shunning, marking, gossip, violent armaggeddon teachings(pictures in children's books), spankings for 'moving' at any meetings, no celebrations, isolated from others, persecution at school, being dragged door to door, embarassment, constant disapproval, comparisons with little miss perfect, forced into ministry school & talks even when sick or when Johnny's 12 & his voice keeps cracking up(I'm so sorry honey, god I hope one day you can forgive me), haircuts & clothes always different, no association with non jw family - you lost a big part of what would have been your life, there can be no apology that could cover that kind of criminal behavior, ...

    "In case a son or a daughter of a Christian family stops serving Jehovah" .........Well, in that case, what happens? ...we write them off, we stop talking to them, we gossip about them, their 'true friends' walk rite on past - eyes averted.

    I haven't even covered the fact that we may even let our kids DIE for lack of medical treatment - I can't go on ..................................

    it is, indeed, “tribulation” for parents who have tried to raise him or her in God’s truth. ... And this tribulation for a large part, is not caused 'by this system of things; it is caused by a high control cult!

    may God and our children forgive all of us,


  • zoiks

    Clarity -

  • GrandmaJones

    It is a terrible shame. One of my daughters has postponed children past the prime childbearing years. A couple more and it would be doubtful she could conceive. If she made the choice for any reason other than her desire to pioneer and "not to bring children into the world in this system of things" I would feel differently, but under the circumstances....

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