Eidetic/Photographic Memory: your "view," please

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  • BizzyBee

    Love that piece, CoCo!

    Popularized, for better or worse, as "Tonight We Love."

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Ms. Bee :

    Ah, Tonight We Love! How romantic, how idealized, how a distant memory!



  • KW13

    Snowbird said : Karl, I know well the toll anxiety and depression can take on anybody.

    Aye, good news is that all is well now!! i hope you are well!

    Compound Complex said: Greetings, exwhyzee and KW13:

    Remarkable experiences. I can identify with what you have stated more than to what is termed eidetic. Isolated but significant data recalled.

    My pleasure

  • OnTheWayOut

    I have a photographic memory but I am low on film.

    Seriously, I do believe that most everything we see is in our brain somewhere. Perhaps not every single view with our eyes, but maybe. If we particularly engaged our brain or enjoyed some book, perhaps the pages are ingrained on our brain somewhere. The problem is finding those memories.

    If we think and think and think about an image from a page or the words, then we might develop pathways in our brain to readily access that memory. But after awhile, those pathways are unused and we cannot easily recall them.

    I can still recall memories from as young as five years old and put it in a "view" of my past, sometimes a scene with "motion" is remembered. But from lack of really needing access to those memories, the fog sets in and I am not so sure of some of them. The most interesting aspect to me is from Grandpa's photographs. He always had a camera. I have memories that are triggered by those photos, but I don't think I really remember the incidents as much as I simply remember the stories told around the photographs. I then force that story from later into a memory of the event and think that I remember the actual event. The photo is my mnemonic device, but the memory it recalls isn't even my own, it's someone else's story in my head.

    The problem with finding someone with such excellent recall is that "studies" are not making them rich. I am sure that such people are out there using their talents to advance themselves unless their ability has become more of a curse in their life. Either way, why participate in some study? Go out and use it for bar bets or flim flam artistry or maybe for being a lawyer/surgeon/debate expert.

  • snowbird

    I've been asked to participate in some such "studies," but I have always declined.

    They make me anxious and nervous.


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  • VoidEater

    My memory is aural. I remember conversations in real time with vocal inflections, along with the emotions I was experiencing when I heard them. My recall has gone down as I get older.

    I have very poor visual memory. I don't visualize much at all, either from memory or projecting into the future. Don't ask me how I want a room to look, because I don't think like that - I don't visualize a page of words, and if I have to report back what words are on a page it's much easier to give you a synthesis of my emotional reaction to what I've read.

    When I was acting, I could not learn lines by reading them. I had to hear them read, then I could remember the script in an aural way, play it back through my mind like a tape recorder.

    This kind of memory has been helpful with music, when I compose it's easy to see where I want to go and recall what I just did, when performing it's just like being in a stream's current.

  • snowbird

    Fascinating, VoidEater.

    One of my g'sons has problems with reading.

    However, if someone else reads to him, he does exceptionally well on tests.

    It's just so amazing how different, yet alike, we all are.


  • Twitch


    I wouldn't say I have a photographic memory per se but I do use some tricks to remember things and have a "sense" about certain things.

    I've always been a good speller and know when a word doesn't look "right" even if I'm not sure how to spell it. I'm very good at recognizing and recalling patterns in just about anything, for instance I don't remember phone or account numbers but rather the pattern required to "dial" them. Much easier. I usually visualize something in order to remember or plan it and attach related thoughts or circumstances to it as a "handle". I've become rather adept at it.

    Sound has always been something I "tune" in to. In music, I don't have perfect pitch but know when something is ever so slightly out of tune. I can recall a series of notes if played and have become good at playing by ear. Can't read a note of music tho I know the theory.


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