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  • mommy

    I love you:)

  • yeldell2

    Dear Zazu:

    Yes, this elder has helped me in many ways. I receive my own magazines, or have been receiving the WT again, but get the AW. I
    suppose the friends would leave me magazines if I requested. I do not
    burden them with things I can manage to do for myself. Health-wise
    they have been there for me as well as some congregation members too
    making house-calls (shepherding calls) to see about me and my children. Don't be so accusatory when it comes to the friends. That
    is why I say to pay more attention to Jehovah's word and trust in him.
    Many of the friends have had their feelings hurt because they tried
    to fit into clicks or groups where they simply did not belong. It is
    sometimes hard to find those in the congregation to trust as personal
    friends, without someone letting your personal business out. I never
    did that, because I was a single parent raising children and that kept
    me busy, so I did not seek the constant close "girlfriend/sister"
    type of relationship that sometimes does not work out for many of the
    women in the congregation. I never had any problem with any of that.
    Some felt I like to be to myself alot, and personally, I did not mind.
    When you see how someone is personality-wise, it is best to be careful
    about forming close relationships.

    I, for one, do not feel that the friends are obligated to go overboard
    in helping me, when I have asked for assistance, I have received it.
    It's just that simple. Now, again, I ask if anyone is intrested in
    letting me know what is happening at the meetings. Speaking of meetings, anyone attending this Sunday afternoon.

    I do not have complaints about the way I am treated in any congregation I have ever atteneded because I mind my own business and
    do not try to impose on others my beliefs. I have been in the congre-
    gations, a few of them, enough to know what type of behavior prompts
    that bitterness some of you women have about how you have been treated. That is why, also,in attempting to find a mate, I post exactly what I am looking for. Someone named Ms. Judy, e-mailed me
    on the sly about a message I posted instead of letting everyone see
    her response to me. I was not being improper to post it. Hopefully,
    some black brothers will respond that will understand my situation.
    I do not believe she was disabled but responded anyway. She was not
    the type of person, I was inviting into that type of a discussion.

    Oh well...



    Need assistance. Forgot what UserName
    and Email Address was used. Not sure
    I used Email Address listed above.
    But can be contacted there to retrieve
    valued information. Please help!!

  • yeldell2

    Dear Simon:

    Know I am not being self righteous and you know it. I just am not
    going to become a part of this little clique. What a bunch of losers.
    All you have to do is complain. Oh please.... I would much rather be
    sitting at a meeting now, than listening to this, if it were possible.

    I see why some of the other friends left. Not enough spirituality in
    here. I posted a message I wanted and, hopefully, will hear from
    someone serious in the truth.




    Need assistance. Forgot what UserName
    and Email Address was used. Not sure
    I used Email Address listed above.
    But can be contacted there to retrieve
    valued information. Please help!!

  • Simon

    I wish you luck and hope you get the help you need

  • RedhorseWoman

    Yeldell2, I just got on the board, and it is rather late, so you may not get this message. However, I thought that I would post it anyway.

    You have been here only a few days, and you don't really "know" anyone here. I have corresponded with Seven, and she is a lovely young woman who has been through some very heartwrenching problems that, I feel, she has dealt with with much maturity and good will.

    Discussing things on this board has helped her to gain some of her self confidence back and has allowed her to laugh and begin to enjoy life again.

    I am appalled that any "Christian" would act in such a judgemental manner. Believe me, in my 30 years in the organization I heard jokes that were MUCH worse than any of the innocent jokes posted here. If something offends you, skip it. Do NOT label people as filthy and without faith because you don't like something.

    Simon has always acted in a responsible manner, and I know that any actual "filth" would be quickly dealt with.

    I'm very sorry that you feel that in order to be pleasing to God you must live a life without laughter.

  • Kismet

    yeldell2/ Patricia

    Please note my comments to you in the "Thorns in the Flesh" section regarding your feelings expressed in this thread.



  • RedhorseWoman

    Just one additional comment. In re-reading Seven's posted joke, I could see that it was neither about rape NOR sex. It was, in fact, a product review.

  • claudia

    Yeldell2, I find the WTS past stances on rape so repugnant. Far worse than a few jokes.

  • waiting

    Hey Red,

    A well known product. The reviews are highly positive, btw.

  • mommy

    If that comment didn't make her run for cover.... She can stay:)

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