I've been busted here...just so ya know

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  • AwSnap

    Hello (you know who you are), if you see this thread! I walked into where he works the other day. He was with a customer but excused himself briefly....just long enough to say to me: "I've just got 2 words for you: AwWWWW SNAP!" and then he went back to helping the customer.

    We chatted after he was finished with work.

    Apparently, I gave away far too many details in the last thread I started. Thankfully, he had his own jw drama and isnt a practicing jw anymore. I'm not too freaked out that he busted me....but it made me realize that it could've been anyone who made the discovery. Time to be more careful.

  • brotherdan

    Yeah, I'm sure I could easily be busted for the amount of info I've posted. I guess I should care but...

  • purplesofa

    I posted a picture of a raccoon on my brick patio and posted it here and thats how I got outed from someone in my congo!!!

    The posted recognized the brickwork, he had been to this house!!!

    You gotta admit, it's funny how you got confronted!!!


  • ldrnomo

    Can we get disfellowshipped/shunned for being on this forum? Because if we can, technically anyone else can even if they are trolling.


  • serenitynow!

    Wow, that is kinda scary! I know that even before I put my real name out there, that I put enough personal details on this site for a person to piece it together if they cared to. Oh well.


  • laverite

    Hey awsnap. Was it bottleofwater who recognized you.

  • Soldier77

    Well, the way I look at it is, if someone that is an active JW came up to me and said, hey Soldier77, I would give him the look like, what you gonna do about it? I wouldn't give myself up or confirm, but I would just play along, pardon me? What did you call me? Where did you say you saw this name that you think I am? Ohhhhh, sorry, never heard of that name... but you were on a apostate site huh? Do your elders know about this?

  • CuriousButterfly

    I am so sorry! Hope you will be all right.

  • AwSnap

    Yes Purps... it was kind of funny the way he excused himself just to say "AWWWWW SNaP" to me and how I knew EXACTLY what he was referring to.

    Laverite, he didnt tell me what screenname he uses here. He just said that he hardly ever comments. Why do you ask?

    Soldier77, I only WISH I was that smooth. LoL. I am a TERRIBLE liar....well, unless the elders or GB are involved.

  • sd-7

    I'm already out. What difference does it make? What, you jealous? No? Well, then! Get off this apostate site, you unwary one, before I satanically, evidently use my poisonous reasoning to spiritually contaminate you!

    I mean, I don't see most people from that life anymore, and if I did, they haven't said a word to me. I'd see some reason to worry about it if I actually had to deal with them. Only risk involved is that they might read every one of my threads and then tell my wife. She'd be mighty pissed about that, and um...marriage would probably end over it, since I can't delete any threads. Hmm. I can see how that would be a problem.

    Then again, her leaving would only be relevant if we'd been together long enough for her to collect serious alimony. So...she'd just be doing me a favor, in the long run. Gee, now I really hope nobody figures out who I am... I'm expecting that phone call from my brother. "I know who you are...sd-7." [Dramatic music, then commercial break]

    Not to worry. Information control--no reason for JWs to be on here, especially reading the words of a confirmed apostate. So...I don't worry about it. Not enough brain cells in my old congregation to actually locate this and put the pieces together. If so, whoop-tee-do! Maybe they'll wake up themselves.


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