Do you still attend meetings?

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  • Sassenach

    I'm wondering if you still attend meetings? Do you hold out hope for the watchtower organization?

    If you've left entirely, have you found another form of worship? I'd very much like to know where you have turned. I've never fully believed, which is why I am not baptized, but I haven't any solid beliefs of my own.

    Thank you in advance.

  • TR

    That's a big NEGATORY!

    I quit cold turkey. Religion gives me the willies now. I have yet to do my own bible study, and probably never will.


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  • RR

    Well, I haven't seen the inside of a Kingdom Hall in some nine years, and for that time I have been meeting regularly with the orginal International Bible Students Association. And I love it! No complaints from me.

    "People in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones"

  • Carmel


    I left the "mothership" over forty years ago and only returned to the KH for my brother's and father's funerals. Both were typical attempts to "witness" to a captive audience re: the bizzare beliefs of the JWs rather than pay tribute to the departed. For fifteen year I searched christianity for a belief system that made sense and fit with scientific reality to no avail. Since then I have found a belief system that is inclusive, rational yet acknowledges the essential mystical nature of the unknown.

    You're free to e-mail me and discuss it privately. I personally don't discuss it publically as the intent of this board is to "not stumble your brothers" which I take to mean, don't proseltyze.


  • Simon

    Last time I went was when my Dad came over and he wanted to see old friends etc...
    There were a lot of empty seats but the actual meeting was the same old stuff with the same old cliches... "but this is by no means the end of our meeting brothers...we now how our study of the bible with the aid of the WatchTower..." (shouldn't that be the other way round?)

  • neyank

    Hi Sassenach,
    I tried to go back to the meetings but all I did during them was think about what I was learning about the WTS.
    I felt like a complete hypocrite being there.
    And of course they would always discuss how we needed to put in more hours in service.
    I couldn't go out in service anymore.
    Yes,Jesus said the Good News will be preached but the WTS wasn't preaching the same Good News Jesus was talking about.
    Their idea of the Good News was become a JW and follow our rules no matter how many times they change and believe whatever we tell you even if we keep changing our teachings and God just might love you and save you during armageddon.


  • logical
    Do you hold out hope for the watchtower organization?

    Definitely. Its the organisation bearing the Divine name. As MDS said elsewhere, they will undergo just punishment, but will be healed.

    I still attend meetings but its not the same now. I can never see myself publishing the news, i wont go out in Jehovah's name and preach erroneous doctrine.

    And i'll NEVER be baptised while that 2nd question remains as it is.

  • thinker

    I stopped going to the meeting two years ago in July. I felt like Neyank. I just felt so darned hypocritcal. By then I had some serious doubts. The congregation I was going to then was so kind unlike the one before who had mistreated me so badly. But being honest with myself I realized the only reason I was going was for a few of the people. I also realized that the only reason I was staying in was so I wouldn't lose my family. And that just wasn't good enough.
    After meeting my husband and doing a lot of talking and crying, he said one thing that really hit home. He said "You are a very honest person. When are you going to start being who you really are?" It took me a few weeks after that to make up my mind. It had already been almost a year since I had been at any meetings.
    Nothing has really changed with my family, other than the expressed attitudes on other threads. I still can't be really honest with them about my feelings. They think I left because of perceived badness on my part. How do you tell them, I left because I don't believe it is the truth? They don't want to hear that. So for now I allow them their disillusionment. Maybe someday they will really want to know who I am.
    My husband I definitely do not feel the need for any organized religion. I don't think any one of them has the total "truth". For the most part I think organized religion fills an emotional need for some people. I too, have been surprised by so many of the witnesses moving on to another form of control. I guess some have needs that we don't.
    I believe we can be very content and fulfilled within ourselves and what we make of our lives.
    My husband and I both get bored with long argumentative discussions on scriptural threads. What is the point? There are always opinions and interpretation. We all have a right to that. I don't think God is really interested in hair splitting though. I think living good lives and treating others properly is very important.
    I like Carmel have developed a belief system that works for me. It is a little unusual, but it works. You may also email my husband and I and we would be glad to share.
    Find what works in your heart and what truly makes you content.
    Thinkers Wife

  • Sassenach

    Thank you for the repsonses!

    Thinker's wife,

    I shouldn't be admitting that I'm a papist, should I? I'm rather inclined toward eastern wisdom, though. Like you, I would like to find something that feels right in my heart. When I read The Knowledge book, I initially felt such excitement. As I worked my way through other book, the doubts crept in. I wonder if the Knowledge book came about as a result of condensing all the beliefs that weren't too bizarre or too far fetched?

    I can't be bothered with debates on scriptural inerpretations either. They're interesting, though. I wonder if Jesus had any idea that the fables he told to simplify his teachings would become so convoluted.

    Thank you again :)

    One other thing. Is there a help page available to teach me how to quote properly from other messages?

  • thinker

    This is Thinkers Wife
    Sass you click on the "Use Forum Code in your message" if you can figure out how to use it let me know. I still haven't gotten it.

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