"There's really no good reason why we should turn our time in late"

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  • Ding

    Reminds me of a brother someone told me about.

    Seems he always volunteered to go for coffee for everyone in the car during FS.

    Counted lots of hours that way.

    Never did go to anyone's door.

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    According this the drama at this summer's Discrap Crapvention, the Christians who evidently fled to Pella, also evidently kept attendance records for their five weekly meetings and turned in their field service records of hours, placements, and return visits... on time.

    Bonnie_Clyde Did they really say that during the drama? Hours, placements, return visits?

    I don't specifically remember if they mentioned field service records of hours, placements, and return visits. But they definitely talked about congregation records and how well they were doing.

    I know the GB is old. But were any of them alive during that time to verify that the congregation actually kept this silly log? I doubt it!!


  • chickpea

    one old sister at the KH i attended said
    "no one spends more effort counting
    time than prisoners and pioneers" **

    seems to me there
    is great similarity
    between the two

    **(she was sick of hearing the drama about
    "how to get in my time" by clucking pios)

  • Crisis of Conscience

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