"There's really no good reason why we should turn our time in late"

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  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    Another wonderful part this week at the meeting. And this is what the brother said.

    He related examples, based on the OM book, as to how Jehovah kept records. Funny part is, they all applied to population, the amount of people.

    Is there any part of the Bible that talks about how Jehovah kept a log of hours on some occasion? How about Jesus.

    Oh yea, here is the scripture, Hezekiah 10:14, "And on the 30th day of the menstrual cycle of his mother, the LORD proceeded to report the total time spent in the work of the LORD, namely the ministry. And he proceeded to the local counter at the temple and requested a time slip, made of the finest papyrus. He gave thought to his activity and found it fair to say that he self-sacrificingly devoted 120 hours to the work this month. And he continually did this from that day on, for 3 and 1/2 years, until his death."


  • JimmyPage

    My wife relayed that the brother doing the part said there are about 30 people in the cong that have to be called for their report every month LOL!

    Yes, there is NO Biblical precedent for reporting time spent preaching. Very weak arguments from the Society indeed.

    I'll bet there will be a drama at the assembly showing brothers reporting time in the first century, though!

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    Sure there is I haven't decided on how many hrs I put down that won't draw attention to me from the Elders cause I haven't gone out in yrs...

    Let's see family study 4 hrs.. talking to family and workers.. 3hrs. special made up Bible study 8 hrs so....

    19 hrs this month... 4 mags 3 RVs and 1 study.

  • 1Robinella

    I used to make up hours for the field service. lol. This was when I was figuring out what I was going to do. lol

  • cameo-d

    Everytime you sign your name and turn in a time card you are restating your vows to the organization.

  • fsm

    When I was a Aux pioneer , i was in my late teens with a group of other late teens..we use to joke about doing microwave witnesses where you can do 3hrs door to door in 3 mins, the idea basically went like this

    Crap territory..lol already done an hour and getting nowhere.. 4 or 5 of us in total.. just got a car.... hey wanna get out of here and go get a drink... then we would employ microwave witnessing.. I even made it to Reg Pion as well, but only lasted about 10 months... ahh good times


    Welcome fsm,

    I did a microwave district convention just before I left. Turned up for a few minutes to get a programme and again to get the new literature - the rest of the weekend was spent at the beach and shopping.

    I always turned my report in on time as it seemed easier than having an elder phone up and hassle you. It's not the say the report was accurate towards the end.


  • boyzone

    My PO once asked me for my report and I said I haven't got anything to write down. He said you must have something - anything, an hour talking to the kids? an informal chat with someone? I said no. He said, "I'll put you down for something anyway".

    Anything to keep the record looking good for the CO.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    WHAT?! You people are STILL not turning in your time...on time? Like moses said you are a hard headed stiff-necked people!

    LOL good to know some things never change. Funny towards the end of my JW activity I would go out but not report the time. Towards the end I was just the anti-witness.

    Here one for the old heads remember when they had that separate bible study slip you had to fill out for each bible study?

  • lovelylil2

    I remember when my mother died in 2001. An elder from our congregation stopped by and I heard my hubby talking to him in the other room. I thought for sure he was there to see how I was doing and would pop in to my room any moment to offer condolences. When he didn't but left instead, I went out to my hubby and asked where brother so and so went? He said he left. He was only there to see if we had time slips to hand in for the month!

    Its unbelievable how this cult seems to think that counting time (numbers) somehow shows they are being blessed by God. When if they truly understood the bible in anyway, there would understand that it proves the opposite. Which is they are worldly and fleshly, relying on their own powers and not God. Believing somehow they have to keep count for God. This makes no sense at all and actually King David was chastised for this exact thing. (taking an account of his men to see if he had more then the enemy).

    This counting of time is nothing more then to keep the dubs in line and too busy to do any real bible research. For if they do, they will research themelves right out the door. Peace, Lilly

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