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  • WTWizard

    Either way, it's still the same Value Destroyer Training School. Just like the Washtowel rags are now Showcase and Kool-Aid editions, the Value Destroyer Training School is now going to be split into Singles and Married Couples. Of course, the "sisters" will be spending much of the "school(??)" time in field circus.

  • yknot

    Name change sounds very much a like a legal move to sound less 'officially' connected to the WTS....

    The only 'true' benefit I can see to this is energizing moms/dads into pushing their sons into BSSB and the WTS having waaaaayyyyy to many grads as it did with the MTS but allowing many of these men to be activated into quick appointed elders as other men stepdown...... Grad gets WTstud status in his congo and WTS-approved rubber stamp on his behind and viewed as glorious as a Bethelite but with less investment on the WTS's part and his time wise.

    To give married couple special training so they can be used more fully by Jehovah's Organization. Most will be sent out as reg-pio where the need is great. some will be SP, COs, Missionaries. A few who have indicated their availability might receive an assignment in another country depending on their qualifications and the need


    So if the 'earlybird' couples into this program might become SPs, COs and Missionaries...... that is very interesting!

    Are we having a CO shortage or are they expecting to be at a loss? Has COWives become unruly and formal training be desired? COs under 50 ......huh.......

    SPs....puh-lease sounds like they might get to SP for 3-12 mo until they can get settled in and then go to reg-pio (money saved). I actually think they will phase out SP to only being a severance Bethel option.

    Missionaries:..... ummmm isn't that what GGs are for?...... oh wait GGs cost more for the WTS and they take longer to train!


    The deck shuffle game continues the WTS downsizes instead of looking for viable option to survive and thrive!

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    " Branch Committee members who have previously attended the Branch Committee School will be invited to attend a second time."

    Well, I don't expect the second time through will be any more successful than the first time was.

  • Mythbuster

    Will they taunt them a second time?

  • jah1914

    Yeah my wife is salivating over the thought of going to the 'new' school. All she talks about......I too think they will be doing away with Gilead eventually. MTS was basically the same training without field service, but who really needs training for field service? Plus if they do it this way each family would be responsible for caring for themselves, just like MTS grads. Plus I think it will give them more control over the next generation of COs, etc. COs, will be recommened for training after being observed for a whole 2 months and now doubt by multiple teaching the school. No rogue recommendations by rogue COs and to some degree those who get accepted would have show some acceptance of the borg by giving up everything to attend the school for 2 months anyway.

  • mentallyfree31

    Evidently, Jehoover is blessing his church and is opening up more doors of activity!



  • DaCheech
    A few of the classes will be held with only the brothers, while the sisters go in the field ministry.

    that's what women are good for?

  • OnTheWayOut

    Okay, this married couples thing sounds like it's primarily for laid-off Bethelites. (EXPECT MORE?) It also sounds like new names for old schools so they don't have to promise the attendees anything. You think you are going to be a C.O. and Mrs. C.O. or go overseas and they send you to some rural area "where the need is great" without any titles.

    It's also something that doesn't really cost them anything to appease faithful pioneers or former Bethelites. You give them this burden of a school and call it a privilege.

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