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  • seenitall

    Information about four Theocratic Schools

    Starting September 1, 2011, each year at Patterson there will be 2 classes of the School for Branch Committee members and 2 classes of the School for Traveling Overseers. Branch Committee members who have previously attended the Branch Committee School will be invited to attend a second time. Traveling Overseers who previously attended the Traveling Overseer School will be invited a second time. Those who previously attended will be mixed in with new students, similar to the way it is done for the Pioneer Service School.

    Henceforth the Ministerial Training School will be called the Bible School for Single Brothers. The school and requirements will remain essentially the same. 37,445 have already attended.

    Very soon a new school will begin called the Bible School for Christian Couples. Its curriculum will be a 2-month course, similar to that of the Bible School for Single Brothers. A few of the classes will be held with only the brothers, while the sisters go in the field ministry. The same instructors who teach the Bible School for Single Brothers will be used. In some cases they will alternate teaching the schools. What is the purpose of this new school? To give married couples special training so they can be used more fully by Jehovah’s organization. Most will be sent out as regular pioneers where the need is great. Some will be special pioneers, circuit overseers or missionaries. A few who have indicated their availability might receive an assignment in another country depending on their qualifications and the need. Applicants must be married 2 years and both husband and wife must have at least 2 years of full-time service. They must be 50 years of age or younger. They must be interested in being used more fully as a couple by Jehovah’s organization. The first class will be held at Patterson in July and August of 2011. A few classes will be piloted at Patterson, and then the school will be exported worldwide. It will be held in the same locations as the Bible School for Single Brothers.

  • wobble

    "Surely,.......(long pause) Jehovah's Chariot is moving forwards."

    Or put another way, this will be cheaper than Missionaries etc. and will put more Uber-dubs in position to keep tight control.

  • WTWizard

    I wonder when the active witlesses will "officially" find out.

  • yknot

    yet again leaving out the largest segment of their population...... SINGLE SISTERS!!!

    Under 50........ ageism (smirking -- I know it has to do with insurance costs)

    Do yall realize that means the only Babyboomers who can participate are those born 1962-1964!! Conscious class numbers rise drastically after 1965


    Dearest Bethel Lurker (official capacity ones)

    This path is too slow! The need to create zeal for privilege needs to be broader while recognizing the demographic that actually have uber-unity (50+) but still making the way for my generation who believes far less and is desiring a more mutual benefiting relationship with the WTS....(or you can keep us but we ain't doing much real FS or donating....we will be seat warmers keeping our parents happy -- we will give our children permission to leave the WTS and never look back too)

    That all said the overall message/truth (1914 blah, blah blah and 1919 appointment delusion delusion) needs to be buried and a new direction of 'purpose driven life' or some other feel-good thing needs be put forth...... at the end of the day you are selling a club membership and this old tripe grows stupid and ridiculous as time continues to march forward and information from past WT publications become more discerned and circulated within the JWworld.

    (just sayin')

    Hugs to yall..... come back after your shift and join on your own account.......we all would love to hear you personal opinions!

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    They have to do something with the Bethelites they fired. under 50 wow! isn't bethel under 35 and Gillied under 40? I guess they just don't have as many young ones wanting to reach out! special schools make them feel even more superior...

  • Soldier77

    Actually, I see this as the first step to broadening their 'elite' ranks. We all know the WTS is hurting for brothers, by opening up another class that will allow couple to basically go through the same MTS curriculum, they are allowing more brothers to join up. Before it was, nope, you're married, can't go to MTS. Now, oh, hey, have you and your wife thought of 'reaching out' to attend the new Bible School for Christian Couples?

    You see, they just made it easier for them to get brothers to sign up. They couldn't careless about the sisters, what they're truly after is getting the husbands since there is a shortage in ones reaching out for this service.

  • miseryloveselders

    Something ironic to me, after reading all of what Seenitall posted, I had a any of that gibberish scriptural?

  • snowbird

    Since when has the scripturalness of anything meant anything to WT?


  • Soldier77

    JWs do not follow the bible. They follow the WTS publications. If the bible happens to support their doctrine, then they will use that to prove to the R&F that they are god's spirit directed organization.

    Edit: I should add that even if the bible doesn't support it, they will cherry pick unsupporting scriptures to make it look like its scriptural.

  • Magwitch

    They must be 50 years of age or younger.

    OMG - I am five years away from being in my sunset years.

    Well, I guess since the society discourages exercise (bodily training) and a proper, healthy diet (how can a janitor afford Whole Foods?), and very little mental stimulation - it makes sense that at 50 years old, one would have one foot on the grave. No wonder they do not want anything over 49.

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