Online Dating: Tried It?

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  • hotchocolate

    Any luck yet??

  • Magwitch

    I have a lot of single friends and do not have one friend that has not done or eharmony. There are all types on those sights. I have had some good experiences and some miserable ones.

    Last year I went out with someone that was somewhat interesting. After the 3rd date, I did a background check on him and found out he was TEN years older than what he claimed he was. I figured if he lied about that, he would lie about a lot of other things. I was really pissed off!

    So many men claim to exercise at least 3 times a week. REALLY? Then why is your belly hanging over your pants?

    They also claim to drink only socially. Wow!! Then why are you on your 7th Vodka tonic half way through the evening?

    And what is it about single men and their dogs?? I love animals, but quit bringing your damn dog to my house and do not spend the entire evening talking about the dog.

    Do I really want to hear about your ex-wife and how she broke your heart and took all your money? NO!

    Okay, it was not all bad. But, I doubt I will do it again. I changed my phone # for the last time.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    If online dating doesn't work, you could always volunteer at the District Convention. That's a great way to meet other single True Christians.


  • Magwitch

    LOL Billy - So many miserable marriages had their beginnings there.

  • moshe

    tried in in the 90's- it was new. Didn't work very well- for some reason the girls never got back to me when I asked them, if they could cross their legs.

    They said they were of average build- what is that? Well, I found out, It means, for people over 40- everyone carries extra weight at my age, so their 50 extra pounds- a size 20, is average. See how easy that is?

    Must love kids- that really means, must love my kids. when I told them I loved kids- I had four of them from 6 to 16, they weren't interested anymore. (only two- living with their mom)

    Must have horses= must have money

  • alamb

    Yup! Married my best friend 3 years ago! I liked it because we could eliminate "potentials" by their profiles without having to meet and date them individually. Saved alot of time and trying to be polite when being sent on blind dates by all my friends.

  • Markfromcali

    A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.. I think they can be useful, but at the same time you're really limiting yourself. For me it's not really about certain criteria but really seeing the other, maybe in a way they wouldn't even see themselves. It's like with a Witness or any religious person, they may not think it's so nice to not see them as their religious identity, but to me it's a very spiritual thing to see past that. Of course chances are slim that I'd date a JW, but I have to say ultimately I wouldn't even completely rule it out. The thing is I kind of see them as that human potential, rather than seeing them just as a set of beliefs.

    On a practical note, I think some people just don't necessarily know how to best use it. There's also the matter of being in too much of a rush, when there is some advantage to being online and seeing things you would not otherwise see. That probably takes a public context like a forum though, and not just what the person says about themselves.

  • brotherdan

    I met my wife online. We fortunately found out we had mutual friends and things took off from there. She's my soulmate. Not sure she feels the same way anymore though.

  • zarco

    A couple of comments:

    I got married before online dating was created

    Friends (JWs) that met online are kinda weird

    Friends (non JWs) that met online seem like they have a good thing going

    I work out 7 times a week and still a little tiny bit of my belly hangs over my pants, and

    I love my dog :)



  • Green Jade
    Green Jade

    OMGoodness HotChocolate That Ad was hilarious. Online dating can't really be any diffent then blind dates. I went on dates my sister set up for me. Talk about Weirdos. I had one that thought I could be paid for. I'm not sure what bottom of the barrel my sister got him from. She was a friend of a friend of a friend that had met him online. He said he was 6 foot. Try 5'7 and the rest hair. Really tall hair. ROFL

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