What music did you have to throw out when you was still in your teens?

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  • BlackTwisted

    i was always curious lol.

    well, i remeber i had to, wel lhonestly, i didn't listen to music too much when i was younger, just on the radio, and i had no choice ( i didn't have a computer then and i was about 11 at that time) so we got a computwer when i was about 13 (i am currently 15..wow..i make myself sound old lol.) and i remeber i was listemning to 3 6 mafia (a huge mistake) and my mom liked the instrumental.beat of the song, but i was playing it soo loud, she even heard the lyrics, and she told me to switch it to another song..so i did..i switched to cascada's everytime we touch..O_O.

    but now i have a MP3 player!!! mwhahaha, so i can now add songs i want without having to search for anhything :P

    oh, and another question after you chunked out your records and stuff and had a MP3 player waaay back (before 2003) would you put the music back on the ones you threw out? i sure would! :P

    and btw, what is your favorite music/music artist/band do you listen to?

  • JimmyPage

    I can recall throwing out the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" album, Nirvana's "Nevermind", and Def Leppard's "Adrenalize". Invariably my authentic self would win out though and I would find my way back to the music.

  • Slayerbard

    Back in my day we had cassette tapes. and I would make a mix tape of all the acceptable music...on one side.. and the other side was all my music. I had one of those Cassette player with a "play other side switch" so if she ever asked to listen I would just hit it as she would be greeted but lovely happy witness OK music.

    Of course I learned this trick after having her toss my Roxette tape cause she didn't like the song "How do you do?" cause it had a line about undressing.. No joke. Funny thing is, sitting right next to it, was the cassette single of Goddess "Let's get Sexual". How she MISSED THAT I'll never know. But yeah, thankfully I was ALOT smarter than my parents who like most witness parents are techonology backwards. I made copies of everything.

  • WTWizard

    I never had parents that made me throw away records, but the scumbag that dragged me into the cancer wanted me to throw out all my records. What I did was to put the "bad" records into a pile "to be discarded". And, I was the one that decided when I would "get around" to it.

    Problem was, this idiot wanted me to throw away a whole album if it had even one bad song on it. Never mind that the bad song was on the reverse side, and was never played--and the song I got the album for was on the obverse side. And he wanted me to get rid of things like Simon & Garfunkel, Van Halen, and Journey--I don't know what in hell is wrong with Journey. Good thing he ran out of time with me, and I didn't move into the apartment complex he was starting to manage at that time. He would have gone through my music collection thoroughly, and found each and every one of my "bad" albums and tossed or left them behind. And, if he didn't have time to OK them, they would have to be left because there might be a bad song on it.

    By some miracle, this dingbat missed the classic Hotel California. Perhaps because I didn't play it that much, and I bought the record used and the label was somewhat worn (making it necessary for me to put them away properly, and difficult for him to read). Or, perhaps it was simply because I never gave him the time to go through them as he wanted.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Pat Boone's heavy metal album:

  • Hope4Others

    I threw out lots of evil stuff.....lol and downloaded it all again later.....

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    My parents never actually forced us to throw anything out. I remember my older brother going through a zealous phase, and throwing out his Metallica tapes. I retrieved them from the trash and kept them for myself.

  • Adiva

    I had to throw out the first album I bought, Santa Abraxas because there was a 'naked' woman on the cover. Also, had to throw out the Police album Ghost in the Machine.

    Foolish, foolish.

  • cantleave

    Black Sabbath, AC DC, Saxon, Iron Maiden, Even Supertramp. My mum made me throw out everything. God I wish we had MP3's when I was growing up.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I didn't have any music to throw out because I wasn't allowed to buy anything "questionable" in the first place.

    I am starting to make up a new collection of CDs instead.

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