Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 09-19-10 WT Study (HARVEST)

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    I too wondered if they made it up. If you use situations that was proned to an area then no one would know. Getting robbed in Brazil is like getting robbed in NYC. It happens all the time..(that's what the news will have you believe)

  • quietlyleaving

    just wanted to share - I have finally been told to stick to answering from the paragraph and nothing else. I'm happy to oblige from now on as I don't really want to make waves.

    One of the elders commented about a book I'd lent to a sister. I didn't know the sis had spoken to this elder about the book - it was Steven Hassan's combatting cult mind control and I reminded them that this happpened 2 years ago. Also, I quickly said, this book does not mention Jehovahs witnesess at all. I was then asked if I considered that JWs are a cult. I replied of course not, but I said that my own response to Watchtowers like this one had been very cultlike and I simply wanted this other sister to be aware of not responding like I used to. This sis has 3 children and has been auxillary pioneering with a view to going regular.

    But I have promised that if I want to answer up I will ask my husband to write out answers for me or just read scriptures.

  • snowbird


    I am so impressed by your dignity.


  • quietlyleaving

    thankyou snowbird. Something has shifted in me and I no longer feel angry at JWs but I still and will always feel concerned about certain issues.

    Part of my new plan is to enrol for a class each term that involves discussion even if its a subject I'm already familiar with, just for the interaction. And I'm finding that there are so many interesting things going on in the capital that do not require any major committments of time and energy.

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