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  • isaacaustin
    BREAKING NEWS: Russia challenges landmark ECHR judgment and seeks to continue illegal ban on Jehovah’s Witnesses

    On September 9, 2010, the Russian government officially challenged the judgment by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) that unanimously struck down the ban on Jehovah’s Witnesses in Moscow. If Russia is successful with its request for referral to the Court's Grand Chamber, Russia’s compliance with the judgment will be delayed, adding fuel to an already heated environment of religious intolerance.

  • cameo-d

    Russians, on the whole, have some good common sense and ethics. Smart move. Hope it will catch world-wide and people will eventually pull the curtain back and see the masonic organization behind all these religions that are based on lies and dividing people. Oh, yeah, and making commerce out of people by fleecing the flocks.

  • brotherdan

    I'm all for banning the WT. But I hate that the abuse goes on in Russia. It's not just a hatred of the teachings, but it tends to spill over into a hatred of the individuals. That's what scares me about Russia. We all should be guaranteed basic human rights. However, I don't know where to stand on the issue. If they don't ban it then the WT is free to mislead thousands of people. If they do ban it, then the WT will encourage everyone to go underground and continue in the organization, which in turn will lead them to physical abuse from others.

    It's a sad situation. But it's just another example of how the WT ruins lives.

  • straightshooter

    Sadly this is a double edged sword. If Russia succeeds, then they will go after other religions, such as the Baptists. But if Russian fails, then the WTS will continue to spread their lies. Personally I feel that stopping the WTS would be the best.

  • PSacramento

    Religious persecution, outside of stopping an obviously harmful cult, is wrong.

    Where do you stop?

    Best to make it clear what a group TRULY stands for and allow people to make their own decision.

  • donuthole

    The WT could easily bring their religion into compliance with Russian law by ceasing to produce and distribute their religious literature that is viewed as "extremist" and hostile to the free practice of religion for their countrymen.

    As in the case of Bulgaria there is potential that political muscle could lead to a change in practice. It is wishful thinking but I would like to see this pave the way for the WT to allow DA'ing without impunity.

  • straightshooter

    Best to make it clear what a group TRULY stands for and allow people to make their own decision.

    Very true, but the danger is that the WTS will use such clarifications as proof that they are being persecuted and that people should ignor the real truths about the WTS. The WTS is an unique organization that dispenses information in a rapid and continuous manner.

  • brotherdan

    But the WT is so proud that they won't alter their writing for anyone. They are a pretty crazy bunch of men. They belong to the UN and yet write about how disgusting it is? I'm surprised action wasn't taken against them in that situation! But they've got so much pride. They are in a spiritual war! They would rather have their members abused and killed rather than compromise. Look at Malawi!!!

  • cameo-d

    Straightshooter: "If Russia succeeds, then they will go after other religions, such as the Baptists."

    GOOD! They all need to go. Baptists are just as bad because they are spreading a pack of lies and dogma. I am not talking about the congregants. I am talking about the leaders who KNOW they are lying and using people for commerce. Not to mention fucking with their heads, their lives, and their family relationships.

    Oh, did I mention Methodists and Catholics? Don't get me started. I am equal opportunity when it comes to religions. I am ruff on rats. All of 'em.

  • undercover
    I'm all for banning the WT.

    I'm against banning the WTS/JWs.

    Even though this gives JWs the persecution complex they love to wallow in, it spells trouble in a much larger sense than what JWs are able to understand. JWs can't see past their own nose. They see a government ban as a sign that the "end" is just that much closer. They simultaneously fret and rejoice over such news. "Our poor Russian brothers..." in one breath and then "isn't it great how close we are to the end..." in the next.

    But in the real world, this is a problem that has nothing to do with delusional beliefs in Armageddon or God's plan for a select minority of people. This is a stepping stone to further rights and freedoms being trampled on.

    While I despise the WT religion, their being banned sets the tone for many others to be affected by a government that continues to expand their bans of religions/groups they don't like. It starts with the WTS...where does it end?

  • straightshooter

    The best solution is what donuthole has presented. If like in Bulgaria, that the WTS will change their policies.

  • Terry

    The Russian government is like Jehovah in the garden of Eden making something forbidden. It didn't work back then and it won't work now.

    For all the decades Communism prevailed religious belief was outlawed. When the Berlin Wall fell and Communism (for all practical purposes) gave up the ghost, millions of Christians, Jews and Muslims suddenly started attending church, Synagogue and Mosque again like nothing had happened!

    They had just grown more determined.

    Freedom of religion is allowing your children to play with rattlesnakes as well as fuzzy bunny rabbits.


    The WBT$ uses Jehovah`s Witness`s..

    To defame other religions in Russia..Which is against the Law in Russia..


    Campain against the Russian Government..

    The WBT$ has started it`s own personal War in Russia..

    Jehovah`s Witness`s should stay out of Russian Politics,follow Russian law..


    Let the WBT$ clean up their own mess..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

  • fokyc

    Anyway IT CAN'T BE TRUE!!!!

    The CoBoE in my wife's cong says that is an apostate website and everything on there is wrong.

  • brotherdan

    Nice new animation, Outlaw!

    I can see all of your points. But they are a destructive mind control cult. It's not a regular religion. That's where tolerance needs to stop. I don't advocate tolerance of hate groups. And I don't advocate tolerance of destructive mind control groups either.

  • Eiben Scrood
    Eiben Scrood

    Well said, undercover! As dangerous as the Watchtower is, I am strongly against censorship and the limitation of religious freedom.

  • flipper

    Good. I hope they eventually get banned in every country. They are a dangerous mind control cult. Wish they'd ban em' in the U.S. as well. The media needs more publicity put out about how dangerous the WT society actually is. The danger is in the subtelty of how they present the mind control. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • brotherdan

    So, Eiben, would it have been wrong for the government to ban Jim Jones's religon? Was it proper that they were given the opportunity to do what they did? How bout the Branch Dividians? Was it ok for the government to allow what was happening behind closed doors to keep going on there?

    There's got to be a point where tolerance ends. I'm all for tolerance and freedom of speech. And I am against censorship. But when hatred comes into play, that is where I draw the line.

    Do I think that Neo Nazis should be able to hold rallies and spout their hatred for blacks and jews? Absolutely not! I think that violates freedom of speech. There has to be a line.

  • donuthole
    I don't advocate tolerance of hate groups. And I don't advocate tolerance of destructive mind control groups either.

    And that is exactly the premise of the Russian government. The issue isn't one's right to freely practice their religion. The Russian constitution guarantees that but it is with the caveat that in your practice of religion you cannot interfere with the rights others to freely practice their own religion.

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