How Did You Finally "Get Out Of Her" (JWs)??

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  • truthseekeriam

    The aftermath of what happens when your child is a victim of a fellow JW. Seeing the change in the attitude of the people we thought loved us was eye opening and showed me..God is not with these people!

  • misocup



    may this organization and all those like it break down to dust

    may all those hurt by this organization and all those like it find healing and renewed joy

  • stuckinamovement

    Still in, but working my way out. The things that got me thinking were; changing doctrines, doing the math on the 144,000, seeing how the WTS is simply a religious corporation not backed by God, watching two friends die due to the blood issue. The biggest has been the generation change.

  • LongHairGal

    The 1995 generation teaching bombshell was the beginning of the end for me. In the year 2000 I discovered the real story about the religion on several internet sites. What I learned was shocking and made me angry but it only confirmed what I had already suspected. The only new things I found out were the U.N. scandal, which I consider a major betrayal, and the extent of the child molestation accusations.

    Before the year 1995, I was not happy in the religion and knew something was wrong. I did not like how I was treated and I did not like or agree with certain attitudes I observed. I especially disagreed with the religion's stand against higher education and careers. I was looked down upon to some extent by certain ignorant people because I work full time to support myself. I refused to pursue poverty and noticed that no intelligent persons around me did either. The poverty that was preached was not for them, just some other sucker. However, certain individuals there made the religion 'work' for them. They lived on the edge and looked for handouts. Needless to say, I had no use for people like this and they never got anything from me. I also refused to follow the example of other single women. I refused to be targeted to do favors and I ran from users. Unfortunately, this is the bottom line with how the religion and many people there view single women. Even though I know that basically the average JW is not really a 'bad' person, their attitudes and wrong assumptions could not be tolerated.

    I also did not believe anybody's divine claims and felt that many teachings of the religion are to be taken with a grain of salt. Of course, I kept this to myself.

    After much thought and consideration, I decided to do what is known as a 'fade' towards the end of 2000. Now, almost ten years later, I have pretty much moved on and have no interest in what anybody in the religion thinks of me.

    While I have no desire to get 'revenge', I do feel that the religion deserves to be exposed and I am grateful to the internet for making this possible. Thank you.

  • cameo-d

    Minimus: "If only the "Truth" was honest and above board. You are made to accept the rules of the religion and for many, it was only a 6 month or less "study", and then you get baptized and never really know what you've gotten yourself into."

    This is exactly the way that Secret Societies operate. It starts out with ritual that is overwhelming, very formal, and no questions can be asked or answered. And if you do ask questions, the answers are ambigious. The procedures of Watch Tower are so similar in nature that it is an indication that they are tied up into the organizations of Secret Societies.

    Most people who join Secret Societies do not realize what they have gotton themselves into until they are knee deep and its too late. Then, the organization uses leverages to hold them in. With WT, they hold your family as the leverage to keep you in line and keep you in slavery. In other societies it may be lucrative business connections, bribery and blackmail. Sometimes they set up the opportunities and "parties" in which they arrange the evidence to use to blackmail you.

  • Magwitch

    In the early 90's when my daughters were born, my parents (baptized in the late '30s) talked me out of having my daughters vaccinated (for the time being). They said the society disapproved of vaccinations. Big red flags started going off for me.

  • ex-witness

    I was DF'd 12 or so years ago (2 years after my sister disassociated herself because my step-father, an elder, molested her when we were young - which I found out about just a few years ago), and because of the mind-control mechanisms they put in place 8 years before that, I worked to "come back". I didn't stop my "sin" (smoking pot) - in fact, while I was out I continued to smoke and even took LSD. Fourteen months after the ousting, I was "welcomed back as the prodigal son". Two months later I quit going to the meetings.

    The "straw" was when I found out of the abuse. That man looked DOWN on ME as if I was rolling joints out of the Bible pages. This coming from an ex-con, lying, two-faced molester.

    So I have had 0 contact with JWs until I found this board.... a couple weeks ago. Lots of feelings came up. And thoughts. Some involving a chainsaw, can of gasoline, and some rubber tubing. Then I remembered: I'm not them. I'm not deceived any longer. So I wrote my little apostasy letter to the Grandstanding Bastards.

    I no longer feel the need to self-medicate. Drug-free in every sense of the word. Especially free from the opiate of religion (tip of the hat to Karl Marx.)

  • Evidently Apostate
    Evidently Apostate

    did you have clicks in your hall, we had the too good to invite you over for coffee one. the we drink and hit on each others wives one. the im telling the elders your chewing gum one. the im too sexy for this suit/dress one. i was a part of the if i have to hear this talk again im blowing my brains out click. i hated the bs but if you were a new study we will all love bomb the shit out of you and pretend we all get along. it became obvious that love wasnt there

  • AGuest

    Expulsion... from the "synagogue"... because what I confessed I was hearing at the time... and from whom... didn't go over so well. For example, that Christ (and not the Bible) is the "truth" that sets you free. That Christ (and not the Bible) is the Word of God. That Judas was at the evening meal. That the "separation work" couldn't have stared in 1914... because, according to the Bible, it doesn't start until after Christ returns... which isn't until "immediately AFTER" the tribulation has ENDED... which, according to their teachings, hadn't occurred, yet.

    That, and the fact that they didn't really like that I partook of the wine and bread... right there... in front of God and everybody (including some who thought that if "Jehovah" was gonna "call" anyone it would certainly be them/Sister So-and-So because of all their years "in service")... although I didn't have gray hair (well, I did, but they never asked about the Nice 'N Easy) or wrinkles (still don't, though, although I'm past 50 - Gold Bond, in the white bottle).

    Not that I went to them with such truths - they came to me. Fourteen "official" times... and many, many unofficial times. So, when I refused to attend the 15th "official" JC meeting (because I really had nothing else to share)... they "expelled" me. For being "disobedient."

    Praise JAH!

    And peace to you all!

    A slave of Christ,


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I wish i could give noble reasons

    but i was just a dirty dirty boy who didn't want to be good anymore...

    i guess i liked naked ladies too much.

    Ah, strippers, sweet strippers, you turned out to be my salvation...

    i should worship you!


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