Branch offices in Europe are closing

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  • agonus

    We cannot allow the Ark of the Covenant to fall into Losch's hands!

  • booby

    (Proverbs 16:18) 18 Pride is before a crash, and a haughty spirit before stumbling.

    Well they qualify

  • slimboyfat

    The number of branches is tranditionally displayed prominently on the statistics page of the Yearbook. Will they continue to quote the number even when it is going down?

    Won't they keep at least small administrative offices in these countries?

  • wobble

    I would have thought that even small offices in the country are only necessary for prestige rather than for practical reasons.

    A small desk in a Bethel somewhere can run all their affairs electronically.

    I see this as not just casual down-sizing because of the economic situation, I see this as a bit of blind PANIC !

    They are a lumbering organization, not really used to re-acting quickly, despite how often they seem to react to "New Light" , and I think the sudden drying up of cash flowing in has made them twitchy.

    They can only sell assets for so long, watch for more overt efforts at fund- raising !

  • BluesBrother

    Is Jehovah "Speeding up the work in his own time??

  • stuckinamovement

    It is funny how the GB wants to have it both ways, back in the 80's and 90's when the branches were being built ..."look at the tremendous expansion of Kingdom interests, this is truly proof of Jehovah's blessing!

    Now with the branches closing and some being sold off, "Jehovah is blessing the work so much, with so much growth that we need to consolidate branches to provide added organizational efficiency"

    Closing of branches is a sign that the wheels are starting to come off of the bus. The first thing a corporation does when it is in trouble is to cut the non performing divisions/branches.


  • aniron

    Yes, many of us can remember the boasting of how the organisation was expanding in the 1980's.

    Building branches or expanding existing ones. Even here in UK they talked about moving from Mill Hill and building new place at Milton Keynes.
    But that was dropped even before it satrted.

    As said above, when any business starts to feel the pinch, they start cutting back on staff and premises they don't really need.

    Maybe another reason in closing "Bethel" branches, is that they are no longer getting the "volunteers" to serve in them. ?

    Also these past years they have been, shooting themselves in the foot, by changing long standing doctrines.
    Example of the "generation" teaching, also the "heavenly class" because numbers of the "anointed" has risen.
    Changes in the blood doctrine.
    Then they had the United Nations mess.
    Then the exposing of how they deal with paedophiles.
    All this has caused many to question and leave.

    Then they are battling the great "demon" of the Internet.
    Which these past years has exposed many things about the Watchtower.
    Either causing some to leave , and to stop other becoming JWs when they learn what the WT is really like.
    Add to this the many books that have been published by those who have been JWs and what they went through.

    Many of the older JWs , getting disillusioned, did not think they would still be here, Armageddon should have come by now.

    Its September 1st, beginning of a new "Service Year" the reports for 2009-10 will have been gathered.
    What will the 2010 World report contain?
    Increase ? Probably 1-2% mainly from internal sources, children and relatives of JWs.
    Will the number of "anointed" Memorial partakers have gone up? Or have they been warned off?

    We await and see what it says.

  • blondie

    The only thing about decrease = the love of the greater number cooling off , the WTS never applies that to themselves. Has had at least one QFR on that. It is the "Jesus is our mediator" confusion among some individual jws.

    *** w84 12/15 p. 30 Do You Remember? ***

    When, at Matthew 24:12, Jesus said that "the love of the greater number will cool off," was he predicting this to happen to true worshipers now?Jesus’ words were part of a prophecy about ‘the sign of his presence and of the conclusion of the system of things.’ (Matthew 24:3) These words found an application in the first century among Jews claiming to worship God. With their lack of love they did not heed Jesus’ warning, and they suffered the consequences when the Roman armies invaded Jerusalem. Comparably, among professing Christians today not only is neighbor love diminishing but so is love for God. This is the principal application of Jesus’ words, yet they should act as a warning for all true Christians as well.—10/1, page 31.

  • Desilusionnee

    It's a trend now and not onl in Europe. My sister told me a week ago that they are closing the branch office in the Dominican Republic. What I found a little bit queer is that the Branch office in France is supposed to take care of the Dominican brothers...


  • yknot

    Prayers for those who are out of job and home

    We all were sold the schtick of 'giving one's youth to Jehovah'

    I am not familiar with Europe's Bethel hierarchy.....(I assume London is 'top dog') but since Germany seems to be the leader in absorbing closed Bethel activity....... will France be next?......


    Dear Bethel lurker doing 'given ones' dirty work...... keep the French Bethel and build more dorms, sell Bethel tour packages directly including excursions into Paris....... I realize that investments are probably the way the WTS is going for making money these days but if the tour idea fails than you still have enough sleeping rooms to sell the property off to a university or boarding school....(just sayin'--- oh and when you log off today, consider coming back with your own user, we might disagree now but you will find that we have more in common than you think...kisses/hugs)

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