Branch offices in Europe are closing

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  • Samuel Thorsen
    Samuel Thorsen

    I have from a safe source that the Bethel branch office in Austria, Ireland, Italy and Switzerland are closing down in the near future. Most of the business will be taken care of from the German Bethel. Nothing is said thru official channels yet, but there is no reason to doubt my source.

    Can anyone tell more about this topic?

    PS: I'm not regular at JWD som forgive me if this is "old ligth".

  • AgentSmith

    That's news to me! Is this another cost saving move?


  • inbetween

    yes its true, they are closing several branches in Europe, what i heard, at the end of the year...and Selters takes over.

    its propbaly reasonable from a business point of view.

    However, it will be conveyed to the bros as blessing from Jehovah.....

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I had read about Italy and Ireland on this site, but Austria and Switzerland are news.


  • WingCommander

    Oh what a glorious blessing from Jah, this closing of the branches is!! Truly, His chariot is speeding fast along in this, The Time of the End!!! It is drawing soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo close now!!!!

    Can you see/hear/feel/smell/taste it?

    This year has been very interesting to say the least. Isn't there supposed to be all of this growth in the Organization, yet all we seem to be hearing about is "costing-cutting measures" ie- closings!!

    - Wing Commander

  • teel

    Funny, I remember that when I was visiting my local branch, the "brother" showed us a big map of our country with small lights all over the coutry, representing Kingdom Halls, with switches to show the completed ones and the ones being built right now. He said there are KHs being built all the time, but he can assure us there won't ever be a KH closed - at least not because of desertion.

    That sounds pretty silly to me in light of branch offices being closed...

    WingCommander: you forgot taste... Armageddon is so close you can taste it.

  • WingCommander

    Fixed it now Teel!! Hahahaha!

  • leavingwt

    Armageddon is just around the corner (since 1879)!

  • undercover

    They're gonna centralize everything into one "compound" and all they'll need are distribution points around the world. They can use dedicated lackeys as local reps. Have local dubs act as warehouse receiving managers and let them distribute to the zones/circuits/congregations.

    They'll send traveling brothers direct from headquarters, where, when not in circulation, they can be kept at "home" and kept a closer watch over.

    Saves money and closes up the ranks.

  • Farkel

    Isn't it ironic? For decades we were told that "just before the End(tm)" the Religious Empire of Babylon the Grape(tm) would turn on "Jehovah's People(tm) in order to destroy them, and then the political empires would turn on the Religions.


    It's the BANKERS who are turning on "Jehovah's People(tm)" because they can't pay to keep up their little empire rolling along as before. The biggest problem facing a slew of Watchtower elites, is not Satan, but cashflow! Not to mention unemployment without any retirement so many of them are now facing. Due to their "spiritual guidance(tm)" that is what they forced their rank and file to face for many past decades and now the tide has turned and forced the exact same thing on them.

    Talk about Karma.


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