"...the times we are living in..."

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  • brotherdan

    Bez, remember too that Jesus warned us in Mat 24 not to follow those that say "The time is at hand!" That's exactly what the elder was doing to you. He was trying to use fear of the unknown future to scare you into "coming back".

  • bez

    Thanks everyone, and cultclassics, yes tho being told for years to avoid these sites like the plague, my immediate reaction was, i wonder what these guys would have to say about this, tho knowing in my heart i felt this way too, some good points have been made here.

    Especially about how certain phrases can lead our brains to kinda chain react...thus trigger guilt.. soo interesting.. i think i will go into psychology lol!

  • thetrueone

    The WTS and their controlling bosses ( elders ) are trained on provocating guilt onto people so they can control them.

    Your call from that elder is typical and scripted by the WTS. to grab people back who might be fading away.

    So of course they are going to say " YOU KNOW SO AND SO, WE REALLY ARE LIVING IN THE LAST DAYS ",

    now is the time to stay close to god's organization to protect are selfs from harm or even destruction.

    If an elder was on a shepherding call and he didn't say that there would be something dramatically wrong.

    This is what a exiting JW is to expect.

    The implication of fear and guilt is their designed game of control and procurement.

    Their provocating lies is the reason so many leave, its a form of corruption that is distasteful to most.

  • freedomisntfree

    Bez as far as your children are concerned the next little while is going to be tough but your giving them a wonderful gift; a whole world of potential friends.I was raised JW and had the same friends my whole life in effect i never really had to make a new friend so i had to learn that skill at 16 with not always good results.Your giving your children the oppritunity to be balanced socialized children and later teenagers and adults.The friends they have now will eventually be forgotten and replaced with poteintially lifelong friends for whom religion is not an issue

  • thetrueone

    "...the times we are living in..." yes, just like in biblical times there are false prophets and charlatans out and about,

    a close examination of the WTS organization should reveal

    who and what is a charlatan disguised as a truth giver.

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