"...the times we are living in..."

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  • bez

    Thanks LostGeneration. Funny you say about the phobia thing... i have had therapy in the last 3 years for OCD, or obsessive compulsive thinking... one major issue of mine being that of ill health and death (morbid i know).. granted i dont believe every witness is this way, my mother probably did not help my fears for one reason or another, but being raised a witness has always made me question whether my already fragile make up as a child was not nourished in the best of ways...

    I see my little girls fears already being like my own at her age... now i am DESPERATE for her to not grow up obsessed with the fear of dying etc.. Im desperate to nourish her in the best possible way without making her fearful all her life.. No joke i have wasted the last 16 years of my life worrying about such morbid issues...

    Funny how only recently (whether helped by my therapy, or my release from the 'organisation') have i started to realise that 'shit happens' but life is for living and we have to make the best of what we have, and try our bests to instill good morals into our children, and keep there little brains ticking realistically but happily.. (if ya get me)lol

  • Emma

    Bez, I had two teenagers, a 3 or 4 year old and a 7 or 8 year old; I honestly can't remember the exact year! The older two remember it well, my daughter even being a "permanent" auxillary pioneer for a while. My oldest son had the most trouble, went back a couple of times before letting go of the guilt after taking off the blinders. The one that was 7 remembers everything vividly, the youngest, not so much. When the older girl decided to leave, the witlesses wouldn't let her be. They hounded her and she became terrified, asked me to shield her from them. That didn't last long.

    You might tell your little one that her friends mom is a bit confused right now, you never know if/when she might change her mind. Try to keep your emotions out of it, be calm and rational. They pick up on our feelings. You'll fill her life with other activities and she'll have new friends. If you don't let it feel traumatic, it might help. Feel free to pm me and I'll give you my email. Mine are all so grateful!


  • teel

    Indeed, don't forget about the times we are living in. Don't forget that you can get cured for most of the illness that only 100 years ago would have killed you. Don't forget that you work 40 hours a week instead of 72. Don't forget that your life expectancy is about twice as the ones living 150 years ago. Don't forget that there are actually more people in the world being overfed than hungry, and that there are much less percentage of people hungry than in the XIX. century. Don't forget that there wasn't a war at your doorstep for over 60 years - unheard of before the XX. century. Yep, these are indeed terrible times - for the fear mongerers.

  • The Berean
    The Berean

    The "times we live in" are by far the best in history. It is only the unhappy who claim they are not and attempt to make others as miserable as they are. Had we been alive in ... say ... 1900, we would most likely agree with this positive observation!

  • nelly136



    you may find these links helpful to understand how certain jw terminology works.

  • bez

    thanks nelly, very interesting !

  • flipper

    BEZ- Great comments from everybody to you ! I agree with the first few posters- nothing is wrong with you. As Emma said you have been CONDITIONED to think something's wrong with your thinking. I'd like to recommend if you get a chance to read Steve Hassan's 2 books - "Combatting Cult Mind Control " & " Releasing the Bonds - Empowering People to Think for Themselves " . It really clarifies what causes phobias and many other aspects of what high control organizations do to us while we were in them. Basically organizations like Jehovah's Witnesses use fear & guilt to control your emotions and reasoning ability.

    You are doing good ! You want freedom of mind for your husband and children- and that's ALWAYS a good thing. Just read and educate yourself on books dealing with it- and I'm sure it will assist you like it assisted me to move on. Hang in there, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • nelly136

    he would let the body of elders know this????, and he also reminded him to not forget "the times we are living in"...

    you got blasted by double barrels when he said that,

    your last thread topic was another common one, where to now? (where will you go?)

    once you've clicked the association you can play spot the buzz terms , tis fun when you make a game of it.

    maybe mr flipper will give you a run down of the face expressions, set jaw fixed eye thang, cant remember what its called, but you can trigger it when youre talking to jws.

  • Hadit

    Hugs to you! Hang in there. Your cult programming circuits fire up once in a while and is very normal. The more education and information you give your brain to feed on the less and less the cult programming kicks in. Living and loving help to heal as well. It is hard with kids I know. The advantage is that yours are young so there is less indoctrination to deal with. They adjust much faster than we do. Have them invite kids over from school or have them join clubs or other activities and soon they will have many new friends. The unconditional love that your children will receive from you is so much more than they will ever receive from the conditional friends at the KH. You are giving your children a much better chance of being well adjusted, happy and have self-esteem than continuing to raise them in an evironment where constant conditions are forced upon them.

    Excellent points from everyone! It's sure a different and much bigger picture than we have been taught.

    Enjoy your freedom! All the best to you all.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    That statement is supposed to set off a a chain reaction of thoughts that lead you right back "into the fold."

    You done good posting your feelings b/c everyone's comments help you learn how to respond instead of react.

    to add: In time it won't hurt so much.

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