Yet another post-JW epiphany: The Absurdity of "SERIOUS SIN".

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  • Terry

    Christ was the covering sacrifice that was not available to the Israellites before him. By their sacrifices, they only had a shadow of the forgiveness that was to come through Jesus.

    Christ was the covering sacrifice that was NOT AVAILABLE to the Israelites before you say.

    That is quite a mouthful. Whose fault would that be? Christ was not available but the VERY SYSTEM of sacrifice God gave them WAS.

    Now look at that word "covering". If you have a bloodstain on a white shirt would you think it would be best to remove the stain or to cover it?

    This IS the point, by the way!

    The silly, sanguinary slaughterhouse of "forgiveness" that was Israel's religious duty differed little from any pagan false religion!

    In fact, child sacrifice was thought a great idea by primitive people too stupid and immoral to value life over superstition.

    So, ironically---the method Almighty God comes up with is stunningly IDENTICAL: child sacrifice! God's own son! Sacrificed bloodily so that----WHO--will forgive mankind? Why none other than.......GOD, that's who!

    This is simple-minded neanderthal logic writ large.

    And why do you repeat it out loud even though it is moronic nonsense? You've answered neatly:

    I was not taught the concept of grace growing up. If I am parroting anything, it is the Bible.

    You have a duty to your own integrity and intellect to THINK about what you believe and not merely accept it when it makes no sense!!

    Widen your reading to include NON-fiction.

  • brotherdan

    Are you done Terry? By you saying that it "makes no sense", you are showing that you don't understand the concept. You can take your atheistic jibberish elsewhere.

  • Terry

    We are talking about the elect here. The TRUE Christian. Not someone that just professes to be a Christian and uses it as an excuse to sin. Those people show by their actions that they never were saved. Can a Christian sin severely or as you say "heinously"? Possibly. But when you are full of the Holy Spirit and you let Him guide your life you are far less likely to commit such a sin. Like Paul said in Romans 6:2, we died to sin. We don't let it lead us anymore.

    I'm afraid your own words condemn your brain, Brother Dan! Look at what you just laid out for us here.

    1. The TRUE Christian is ELECT. (God decided they would survive and be forgiven even before He created mankind!) Playing favorites, as it were, indicates the level of Justice you find acceptable.

    2.Others who "profess" to be Christian still sin. Their non-Elect-ness is an excuse TO sin. However, their actions in sinning show they aren't ELECT.

    Yet, there is no CONTRAST with "True" Christians! Why? True Elect Christians still sin even though they "died" to sin!!

    3. The difference and distinction between being LED BY SIN (non-Elect) and sinning as a True-Christian (Elect) is what then? Nothing more and nothing less than your arbitrary label! BOTH GROUPS STILL SIN!!

    You swallow all this rotten egg thinking as though it smells like roses.

    It is offensive to rational thought because it identifies the moral bankruptcy of ELECT vs NON-ELECT as arbitrary, capricious and whimsical jury-rigging. Yet--this identifies GOD to your sense of moral worth.

    Truly astounding!!

  • brotherdan

    You sound like a sad man Terry.

  • Terry

    Are you done Terry? By you saying that it "makes no sense", you are showing that you don't understand the concept. You can take your atheistic jibberish elsewhere.

    Jibberish is nonsense which is what you keep passing off as the superior wisdom of God!

    You don't know God. You are pretending!

    You repeat the words in a book without Provenance!

    If the book falls you fall!

    The book has fallen.

    Where do you stand?

    You won't defend humanity against the madness of a tribal God who plays favorites. That makes you a traitor to humanity.

    You side with Superstition, incongruity, illogic, ritual, mysticism and everything that dragged mankind down into malevolent oppression PRE-ENLIGHTENMENT when men of "God" ruled the earth with impunity.

    For your own sake, man---open your mind to a thought that wasn't already coughed up in a damp monastery a millennia ago!!

    I'M DEFENDING THE RIGHT of human beings to stick their middle finger up the nose of mythical sky monsters which make the unlearned quake in their boots.

  • Terry

    You sound like a sad man Terry.

    I weep for you, my brother.

  • brotherdan

    Well Terry, if I'm wrong then the worst that will happen is I will eventually die and nothing will come after. If you're wrong, god help you.

  • Terry

    Brother Dan....put the shoe on the other foot for a moment.

    You wrote in your VERY FIRST POST this:

    About a year and a half ago I stumbled on Crises of Conscience. It rocked my entire world. It was everything I needed to know. It was validation for everything that I felt. I now had words to put to the feelings. Legalism, Double Standards, False Prophecy, Intimidation! These were things that I saw through a looking glass darkly. I devoured the book and immediatly went to my wife, who was pregnant with our 2nd child. What a shock her reaction was to me. I tried to communicate this in the best way I knew how, but I can see now that it wasn't the best way to go about it. I just tried to get her to see that we had been lied to all these years.

    Now imagine that what I am saying to you today is really YOU trying to get through to your wife and she won't listen but only thinks you are the sad sad man.

    I'm knocking on your door and you just won't open it all the way.

    I might be saying something IMPORTANT. Just maybe....

    Is it barely possible that you've been infected yet again by the same: Legalism, Double Standards, False Prophecy, Intimidation!

  • garyneal

    GENTLEMEN, please...

    I respect you both, please let's not let this turn into mud slinging.

  • brotherdan

    Your right Gary. For some reason atheism riles me up.

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