Did you ever know any JW's/Pioneers who frequented popular nightspots and got drunk?

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  • SnakesInTheTower

    First hand observation. St. Louis Assembly Hall. There were official functions that were held on the premises outside of the assemblies. There was the local version of the Annual Meeting was held to make key decisions for the upcoming Service Year. Assembly Hall Committee members, the wives of the committee members, COs, DO's and their wives, some key elders and their wives were all invited to a special dinner after the private meeting. Some long-term volunteers were invited to prepare a nice meal (steak, chicken) and all the fixings....drinks included wine, beer, and other harder alcoholic beverages were made available. Of course, quiet counsel was given about drinking in moderation. I can tell you, having been one of the volunteers prepping and cleaning up, there was often very little moderation, based on the amount of drink containers I cleaned up and unsteady walking out the door I observed. Some were clearly drunk. If they had been stopped while driving, they would have blown more than a .08 (legal limit in most states in the US). There were many other times that I seen large quantities of beer bottles/cans, wine bottles in the recycle bin after a weekend outside of the personnel/CO apartments.

    I dont have an issue with them enjoying an evening together, or being rewarded for their unpaid work (the meal was paid for out of private donations of well off brothers not WWW funds). My issue is/was that these same men were so outspoken against drinking alcohol..esp in excess...holier than thou......and were the first to serve on JCs for alcoholics (DF for "loose conduct"....sure to be changed to "brazen conduct." ) Hypocrites.

    Snakes (Rich )

    PS....anyone in Southern Illinois ever hear of the monster parties held by some teens/young adults in the Carlyle, IL area?

  • Quillsky

    Alcohol abuse will be prevalent in a religious group that allows alcohol use but doesn't allow personal decision-making.

  • cantleave

    treadnh2o wrote

    Funny thing is I drink far less now than Im out.

    Strangely enough that's true with me too.

  • watersprout

    The kids i grew up with were drunks, fornicators and the P.O's [at the time, he was removed because of his son] son was always bragging about how he could get away with everything. I was never included cause my dad was not an elder and i worked full time so the pioneers viewed me as ''weak''... LMAO!!!!!!

    Does anyone remember the ''pioneer parties''? I was told that as i wasn't a pioneer i would not be welcome! My sil told how she went to one and the drunk pioneers were having sex in all the rooms!

    Yet all these ones had the nerve to look down at me and judge me when i didn't give a frick what they were up to! The way they treated ones whose dad wasn't a servant or elder was awful!

    Also a lad my hubby grew up with [a known alcoholic] married an elders daughter and got promoted to an MS. He got caught driving under the influence and had his licence taken off him for a year. He told no one and carried on driving under ban. He got pulled over for a spot check and got busted for driving under ban. He narrowly escaped prison! The elders said that he didn't break any of Gods laws so wouldn't be punished! WHAT THE FRICK???????? The crazy thing is i felt so sorry for him as he has a wife and little girl. He was soo under the mind control that he was terrified of losing his postion, he had to lie about it!

  • Evidently Apostate
    Evidently Apostate

    yep, my wife and i would frequent clubs with our friends one was an elder a couple were pioneers. even went to cancun with another couple elder/pioneer. we stayed on the resort drinking at the pool bar until evening, but the resort bar tab was 1600.00 for a week. so much hypocracy i gave up caring, they just worried about getting caught.

  • Ilovebirthdays

    Me. I (and my ex-boyfriend) used to constantly go out to a popular gay club and close the place down and get drunk.

    When I quit pioneering and moved out of my parent's house to a different congregation, my (all in good standing) JW roomates used to have parties all the time. One party the PO's wife and her pioneer friend were so drunk they knocked our bathroom sink off its pedistal. There were actually a lot of higher-ups in that congregation that were frequently drunk at our house, and most of them were 10-20 years older than we were.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Oh absolutely! My ex pioneered and there were always elders or MS, or pioneers to party with. My house became quite the party house.

  • ana_dote

    I haven't read all the other posts on this yet, but do you know what my immediate response was to the question?

    "Sure! They're called Bethelites!"

    I mean seriously....those boys could drink you under the table!!! And apparently still get up for morning worship....how wonderful to know they "employ" only the best of the best!

  • ana_dote

    ok I read the other posts...guess I wasn't the first to mention the bethelites lol

    I remember thinking it was quite funny one time when I was touring the farm with a friend and her friend was our tour guide...he showed us his room and for whatever reason also chose to show us the bottle of Goldschlagger (sp?) in his freezer. Such a fine example!!! LOL

  • dogon

    I knew a guy who nailed a couple of Pioneer sisters. I always envied him.

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