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    Hi I'm also very new to this site, I'm now an ex JW, I have to agree with you that holding on to resentment can harm you on the inside.

    But to have resentment is to show anger and anger may be unjustified or justified, was not Jesus justified when he drove out those who were defiling God's temple and overturned the tables.

    Sometimes anger can be allayed or satisfied only when justice is fully carried out. Ecc 3:1-8 "for everything there is an appointed time, and even a time for every affair under the heavens"........."a time to love and a time to hate"

    I don't hate the JW'S my parents are still in the organization, but I do feel justified at feeling anger towords the GB for the harm it has brought to the faithfull followers of them. ( the teaching on not having blood one example)

    I have read hundreds of threads on here and would like to thank all who have clearly spent a lot of time and effort posting some of their researched material, it has actualy stoped me from turning to alcohol and a box of pills.

    I have read many times over and over again how people have been spirituality and physically abused by the organization and I for one am glad for this site so that these people can vent their feelings and start to heal and know they are not alone meens so much to anyone.

  • Hadit

    Welcome Night Owl! I appreciate your positive attitude. You are right - resentment kills. Unfortunately, it's very hard not to be resentful when you cannot leave it behind due to family still being in. The resentment is in your face every day as you watch your own family treat you like Satan himself is in the house and that you are diseased. If it was cut and dry and my family woke up to the mind control then it would be much easier to leave the resentment where it belongs - in the past. For many on this board it's very much a part of their present. How we deal with that resentment is important and talking to others is a very healing and helpful way to combat it.

    As well, due to the psychological nature of the mind control involved - once you leave it can be like detoxing from an addiction. Your emotions go into a great upheaval and make you feel like you are going crazy. Resentment, anger, guilt, fear, a sense of abandonment all grip with great intensity and that is hard to deal with. Many feel the effects years later and it is not because they are weak or not positive - it is because the circuits from the programming still fire once in a while. Just hearing a certain phrase can bring on Pavlovian style reactions which are not under our conscious control. Theraphy can help as well as other known methods for getting around these things.

    I'm happy you are doing well! I wish you all the best.


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  • Night Owl
    Night Owl

    Thank you for your comments.

    You know, those of you who were born in must understand that your parents meant well. They brought you up in a religion that they thought would keep you out of harms way.

    The point being, don't hold a grudge, even secretly, against your parents. More than likely, they were trying to compensate for having a childhood they did not want YOU to have.

    As for those who converted, why did you convert? Because you were searching for a way to worship God that was acceptable to Him. To some, the Organization IS the way to worship God. To others, it is not.

    Either way, lessons have been learned, and other lessons have yet to be learned.

    It is getting quite late where I live, so good-night and I might see you tomorrow.

    This Owl doesn't stay up all night.

    Night Owl

  • wasblind

    "As for those who converted, why did you convert? Because you were searching for a way to worship God that was acceptable to Him."

    As for me, i wasn't searchin' for anything in particular they came to my door

    showed me a few things, and i accepted a bible study, i didn't see the

    harm in it, i started off with making small adjustments, then gradually,

    being told to curtail my daughters activities in school, and her friends

    which i didn't do because my childs happiness meant a lot to me, they even

    spoke to me about not letting her go to the prom. i didn't listen my child

    is a well rounded and well adjusted adult now because i didn't let this

    cult turn her world upside down, and after i stoped associating with this

    cult, i never realized how good my life was until i left, i now embrace life

    more now than ever and most of all i appreciate my worldly family and friends

    you truly don't miss what you have until you no longer have it.

  • mouthy

    Welcome !!! I gather you didn't lose any family????After I was "ousted" because I don't believe
    Jesus came invisibly in 1914. They taught my loved ones I was the devils tool.
    So of course they obey the False prophet ....How many did YOU separate by false teaching?
    Grace Gough

  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    Hello Night Owl & Elm!!!

    I agree that it is nice that you are so zen about the exit cult experience, although it is true in my case that even though I do not harbor hate for my former friends and family that shun me currently- it is hard to move on when you want to have a normal relationship with your mom and dad & you have this huge wedge driven in...

    I am thankful for this site which gives me an outlet to vent to people who understand what we are all going through- I encourage you all to do so whenever you are having a "bad day" (everyone has them).


  • wasblind

    Night owl, the reason you feel the way you do is because

    you are in the inactive mode you still are able to have

    contact with loved ones, see how you feel if you flat out

    man up, tell them what you really think, experience the

    true effects of being cut off from loved ones, then tell

    us how we should feel

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl


    Actually, the reason I feel this way is because I have dropped the resentment. Not only against the Org., but against everyone and everything in my past that I had come to hate.


    I lost family when I converted, but what good does it do me, or anyone, to look back in anger? What good has it done you to hold on to your resentment?

    Look, I've just come here to try to help people DEAL with their situations, if I can.

    Night Owl

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