The fundamental flaw with the WTBTS as "God's Organization"?

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  • Essan

    There are countless issues that people have with the Society and which together have led to many people realizing that it is not what it claims and pretends to be. These include things like the secret UN affiliation, contradictory and hypocritical stances, (Malawi vs Mexico Vs UN/NGO), the ever changing blood policy and ever changing doctrine, failed predictions for Armageddon etc, etc, etc.

    But what is the consensus about what the fundamental flaw is?

    What I mean is, many JW's hear about these various issues and manage to make endless excuses for them, even though this involves gross hypocrisy and excusing the Society for things they would never excuse in other religions and which the Society itself has ruthless condemned other religions for over almost 100 years. Still, many JW's do just pull this hypocritical mental-gymnastic stunt and dismiss the facts and make excuses for the Society.


    It seems like there is some fundamental belief which is somehow not touched by seeing these various errors and which anchors them to the Society no matter what.

    What is that fundamental belief and how how can it be dealt with?

    My own opinion is that this 'lynchpin' belief, the unchallenged assumption, is that the Society is "God's Organization", the rep of the "Faithful and Discreet Slave". Everything else rests on that, and as long as that notion remains unchallenged, nothing else matters. All 'sins' no matter how gross will often be overlooked because of this core assumption.

    I think this belief is a little like the little energy port that Luke has to shoot in Star Wars to destroy the otherwise indestructible 'Death Star" LOL. The energy port leads to the Core - Boom. Hit that and it's Game Over.

    So, my thought is that for many JW's the 'satellite' issues - no matter how serious they are - and irrelevant as long as the Core Assumption remains intact. Which means the key issue would be to show that they cannot be "The Faithful and Discreet Clave" and simply cannot have been appointed to anything in 1919, and this is actually pretty easily done. If this is shown to be impossible, then the reason for their dismissing all the other errors simply vanishes.

    That's my feeling anyway.

    What say you?

  • startingover
  • Essan

    Why, does it say the same thing? LOL Even the Star Wars analogy too? Oh, no.

    I've never read it. But I've heard other people mention it.

    EDITED to ADD. I've just clicked the link. Yeah he seems to be saying exactly this.

    Well, I agree with him :)

  • TJ - iAmCleared2Land
    TJ - iAmCleared2Land

    I don't think all of them think that the F&DS is God's infallible channel. At one point, as early Bible Studies or children, yes, but after years and starting to see things as they are, not so much.

    I think the fundamental flaw is not in the organization itself, but rather, in people's desire "to be right", to be "the only ones with the truth", to "feel special, be special" compared to others.

    This fundamental flaw not only makes the Jehovah's Witnesses religion work, but Mormons, Muslims, and many other faiths as well.

    That, coupled with a life vested in belief, makes changing difficult even when confronted with compelling contrary evidence. This leads to defending instead of changing.

  • smiddy

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  • NeonMadman

    I agree that the central issue one must address with a JW is that of the F&DS being God's spokesman. There's something about JW psychology (or the indoctrination), though, that tends to divert them from that central issue. I've argued with a number of JW's about this, and even the ones who seem to agree that the organization is not what it claims to be somehow tend to get diverted to non-essential issues. "Well, what do you think about the paradise earth?" "Do you think it's OK to take a blood transfusion?" "Do you believe in hell now?" Trying to keep them on track is like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall, but it's essential that we somehow do so.

  • Essan

    TJ. I agree. I think there are two basic types of JW. The sincere and the insincere.

    The sincere are deceived but if they are exposed to the full facts, they realize their mistake. Because they love truth more than feeling 'right'.

    The insincere are deceived, but want to be. They don't want to hear the facts and if they do, they will ignore them or make excuses. They love feeling 'right' more than truth.

    For the sincere JW's, realizing the Society could not have qualified as the "Faithful Slave", is crucial and decisive.

    For the insincere, it's as meaningless and any other truth. Insincerity is their 'fundamental flaw' and I'm not sure anything can be done about that.

  • Essan

    Neon, that is one of the main characteristics I have noticed about JW's since leaving. Their inability/unwillingness to address one issue thoroughly. As soon as they feel their reasoning is being defeated on one issue, or if they are presented with decisive evidence regarding one issue, they try to change topics.

    It's very dishonest and extremely frustrating and thoroughly characteristic of JW's. As you say, they can't be allowed to do this or it will just take the discussion in meaningless circles. It is how the virus like lie which has invaded their mind protects itself from exposure.

  • donuthole

    I would agree that this is the big issue. If you are facing a JC on apostasy the big item the elders really want to know above all else -- do you believe this is "god's organization". Many can attest to this.

  • sabastious

    No matter what you say they can always hold onto these two ideas:

    "Where else would we go?"


    "No one else is doing what we are doing."


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