Explanation for the generation in Matthew 24:34, Mark 13:30 and Luke 21:32

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  • asilentone

    I think Alice in Wonderland has multiple personalities.

  • Essan

    Alice said: The context of this scripture isn't crystal clear and the meaning of some Bible passages are only explained through the passage of time.

    No, for the JW's they are explained wrongly, and then changed again and again, though the passage of time. They are not "explained" through the passage of time. And the passage of time should have nothing to to with the true explanation. The passage of time is only seen as relevant because JW's made the mistake or anchoring their "Generation" interpretation to a separate date they had arrived at. Time proved this to be a mistake. But they won't learn from it.

    The truth is, if they didn't know - which clearly they didn't and don't - then they should have kept their mouths shut and said "We don't know what the Generation is, the context is unclear". But no, they made it part of a false "Creators Promise" linked to 1914.

    Big Mistake. Repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated.....but their brand new non-contextual understanding is "evident". Wow. Isn't that exciting? I'm sure it'll be correct this time. Sixth time's a a charm!

    Alice said: It's quite possible the faithful and discreet slave had the current meaning in mind but took into consideration various expectations and let time be the judge.

    No, otherwise they would not have referred to a former wrong interpretation as "The Creator's Promise". Unless you believe that it's possible the GB could know full well that an interpretation may be incorrect, but decided to claim it as God's Promise anyway? That would be a problem.

    Alice said: The people that deny its meaning as explained in the Watchtower...

    Sorry, deny which explanation? There have been so many. This month's?

    "...don't know what it means and really never did. Was it ever explained in any other books written by theologians?"

    I don't know. But you're right, shame on them for not making a definite judgement when they didn't know for sure! They should take a leaf out of the Society's book and claim they do know even when they don't and make false statements as fact, which they later discard as false. Better to authoritatively talk crap than to humbly refrain from judgement, right? Actually, as is now obvious, the Society itself "doesn't know what it means and really never did", but they don't let details like that restrain them.

    You said the context was unclear. The "faithful and discreet" thing to do, if you don't know because the context is not clear, is not to make unsound proclamations in God's name and to admit that you don't know.

  • Cagefighter

    I just wish I was still immature enough to find absolution and self righteousness in the Bible... Wait, no I don't. It's much better being a grown up.

  • booby

    Alice - Why did Ja wait so long to give the proper explanation to his spirit directed slave?

  • Hadit

    It's quite possible the faithful and discreet slave had the current meaning in mind but took into consideration various expectations and let time be the judge.

    That is by far one of the most ludicrous statements I have ever read! Why don't you just come out and admit that you are desperately grasping at straws and defending something absolutely undefendable? Do you truly understand what you wrote and the implications of that statement? I highly doubt it.

    How then is this verse to be explained?

    Who cares? Jesus didn't spend his time focusing on end times! His focus was speaking about the Kingdom of the heavens. His focus was on teaching TWO things: love God and love your neighbour as yourself. He freed people from the oppression of the scribes and pharisees - a role which the WTS gladly filled today. Jesus would renounce and rebuke them and properly give them the name of the EVIL SLAVE.

    Essan - your explanations are superb!

  • wobble

    A big problem for "End Timers", and followers of the WT as well, is that the "prophecy" was not even such in the first place.

    The Gospels, with the possible exception of parts of Mark, were written after the 70CE destruction of the Temple, so these words were put in to the mouth of Jesus by the writers to make him look like a predictor of events.

    Many scholars feel that Mark too was written after 70CE, or redacted then. We know that considerable editing of Mark has gone on.

    That aside, as has been stated, no "Greater fulfilment" is justified by the context, or any other scripture.

    Jesus, even assuming he really spoke the words, referred to the people living then, born around the same time as him and his followers.

  • Mary

    So Troll-face.....I mean 'Alice'.....you haven't answer my question: Why does someone who claims that the WTS is 'the Truth' and who view cigarettes and crosses as being disfellowshipping offenses, have a picture of a woman holding a cigarette and a cross in her avatar?

  • isaacaustin

    Alice, forgot your meds again?

  • hamsterbait

    When I read the risible and specious material cut and pasted from the WTBTS publications, I always feel thankful that I dont have to try and shoot it down.

    For any dub, a deep research into the litterature will convince them the WT religion is bogus.

    Keep it coming honey! your doing a better job that I ever could. DONT go away.



  • PSacramento

    It doesn't matter what "A" generation does or can mean, the fact is Jesus said "THIS" Generation, not "A" generation" or "future" or "ALL" or "ANY", Jesus said THIS generation, period.

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