Explanation for the generation in Matthew 24:34, Mark 13:30 and Luke 21:32

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    The overlapping generations discussed at the latest District Assembly includes all of the anointed remnant of human's still alive during the conclusion of the system of things, but also includes the 144,000 in its entirety, as they're likewise living contemporaries of the modern anointed remnant.

    This would include Jesus disciples, apostles and first century Christians that took note of events in the first century and the remaining remnant of the anointed class in the last days.

    Matthew 24:34 applies to the 144,000.

    Actually, I don't think they currently include any of the "dead" or "resurrected to heaven" 144,000 as part of the generation.

    I thought it was only the ones born in 1914 and those they overlap with, that are still alive today.

    I could be wrong, however, because before this they said that "evidently" the generation was those contemporaries (meaning people alive today) that denied that Jesus was invisibly present.

    And of course that was "new light" from the previous explanation that the generation was alive in 1914, and before that the generation was those that were alive and at an age of understanding in 1914.

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    jookbeard said, "what the 144k that wasn't completed until 1935, would the alcoholic Rutherford/The occult obsessed CT Russel/The frequenter of male sauna's Fred Franz/homosexual members of the GB Greenlees and Chitty all be included in this number?/the GB of the WTS who sent their own brethren to death torture,kidnap,rape (Malawi)/and the same GB of anointed who covered up over a world wide child abuse scandal that still exists to this very day/and the very same GB who joined up with The Great Harlot(UN)? I'm all ears."

    This really has nothing to with the thread, just more blabber mouth slander. You must be good for something else. The conspiracy theories about Russell and the occult are based on signs and symbolism: Pyramids, the winged-disk, etc.

    These symbols were used by Freemasons. Freemasons have been known to practice new age spirituality in their lodges, but that's not the organization's purpose and there's no evidence that Russell was a member. Freemasonry was a fraternal organization that was a major component of the Age of Enlightenment in the eighteenth century. Enlightenment was a desire for human affairs to be guided by rationality rather than by faith, superstition, or revelation; a belief in the power of human reason to change society and liberate the individual from the restraints of custom or arbitrary authority; all backed up by a world view increasingly validated by science rather than by religion or tradition. In masonic lodges, for example, the line “As the means to be enlightened I search for the enlightened” was a part of their initiation rites. British lodges assigned themselves the duty to “initiate the unenlightened”. In fact, many lodges praised the Grand Architect, the masonic terminology for the divine being who created a scientifically ordered universe.

    The main conspiracy theory is that the inner circle of the Illuminati are occultists. The Illuminati was formed in 1776 after the freemasonry model and drew membership from freemasonry, but it's not the same organization. The Illuminati was effectively suppressed in Bavaria by the government in March of 1785. There's no evidence they existed after this, let alone evidence of their occult ties. Conspiracy theories do brain damage. Your parents should have taught you that.

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    The real question Alice is: why is your avatar that of a woman holding a cigarette and a cross in her hand?

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    Should i be disappointed in Jehovah?

    All this time Jehovah flat out lied to the generation

    of 1914. If it wasn't for the spirit directed

    GB setting this straight at the 2010 DC's

    we would still be believing all the lies Jehovah's

    been tellin"

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    This really has nothing to with the thread, just more blabber mouth slander. You must be good for something else
    Conspiracy theories do brain damage. Your parents should have taught you that.

    If anyone said these things to you, you'd be having a freak-out about the "personal attacks" on this board.....and the "persecution" you have to endure here.....and how nobody here is as "intelligent" as you to debate with.....and how happy you are that we're all going to "die at Armageddon".....because we're all just a bunch of "liars" anyways......

    Just sayin.

  • wasblind

    Yes Palm, and we are in good company, cause Jehovah lies too

  • palmtree67

    Yes, I doubt that the people Jesus actually said that to, would have understood it to mean the convoluted "overlapping generation" monstrosity that it has become.

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    Alice is a troll.

    She has been spamming TOPIX with her BS.

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    Alice, (weren't you banned?) I find it fascinating how you manage to find time to respond to posts by those venting their exasperation with you and that you rebuke them for not debating with you about the evidence presented in the OP, yet you ignore those replies which actually do directly debate the subject raised in the OP, such as Ultimate Reality's.

    Why is that, I wonder?

    It almost seems like you aren't interested in honest debate, but thrive on the personal conflict, after all, that is what you're choosing to address, rather than the subject matter.

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