Has anyone read the book of mormom and compared to bible?

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  • metatron

    I believe it has been described as chloroform in print. South Park did the best take on it and Joseph Smith.


  • designs

    I grew up around LDS, the Dr. who delivered me was Dr. Bernard Hinckley- related to the LDS President and my mother went to school with Leon Skousen, famous LDS author and related to some of the LDS Apostles. We studied with them for awhile before my mother got active again with the Witnesses.

    I think I had enough religious expose to last me for several lifetimes.

  • theMadJW

    The Book of Mormon was a VERY clever deception, usinmg the Old English language even archaic in old Joe's day, and using characters stolen from the Bible- then the twist of imagination appealing to those coming to this new world- What If Jesus had ALSO appeared HERE! Adding multiple wifes to the equasion definitely helped!

    What Joe Smith DIDN'T know was that Jesus WASN'T the Almighty, and the dead are really dead- as shown in the Bible, but NOT in CHURCHianity! So anyone knowing what the Bible really says EASILY sees the Deception! And those are just 2 examples.

  • Mad Dawg
    Mad Dawg

    The BoM plagerized a popular novel of the time. Don't know the title off hand.

  • dissed

    TD - Thanks for sharing your info.

    Living part-time in Utah, and having some Mormon family has always peeked my interest about them.

    I've always felt like L Ron's Hubbards book compared well to the Book of Mormon. A fantasy book that grew into a religion. It seems obvious that they were written as fantasy, but am amazed as to how many people really believe it to be true, even when proven otherwise.

  • OnTheWayOut
    OTWO the book of Abraham is not a book within the book of Mormon, but is a book in the Pearl of Great Price.

    Okay, I am like most people that know little about Mormons. It changes nothing I said except that the book of Abraham is another of Joseph Smith's false works that accompanies the book of Mormon that demonstrates a reason to not trust anything from Smith including the book of Mormon.

  • StAnn

    My brother left the JWs and became Mormon. At the time of his conversion, I read the Book of Mormon, along with a history of the LDS. It really doesn't compare to the Bible in any way. It's just a really, really odd book.

    I can't remember the exact plot behind Joseph Smith's "discovery" of the Golden Plates but I do know that he was confused by Indian mounds. Thought they hid artifacts from the lost tribes of Israel, etc. He translated the Golden Plates by looking through a magic stone kept under a hat.

    There are more Mormons in the world today than JWs and they are growing.

  • IsaacJ22

    I know a little about Mormonism, but no where near enough to be an expert. I was actually looking into it when I went to my first meeting at the KH, and I have a couple of Mormon wannabes in my family. I would recommend you research them just as you would the WTS. The similarities are ... well, kinda disturbing if you're an XJW. And the story behind Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon is comically implausible. They even made fun of it on South Park.

    If the WTS and the Church of Scientology had a child, it would look a lot the Mormon Church. They're a lot like the Society, only zanier by most American/Protestant standards. There are pleny of ex-Mormon sites on the web you can visit that clue you in on what I mean. Don't forget that some XMs are like some XJWs--some of them remember it fondly and unrealistically. I visit some of the XM sites on occassion just to see the similarities with my own WT experiences.

    If it helps, bear in mind that the original Battlestar Galactica had a lot of Mormonism in it. It was a kind of scifi Mormon story. Kobol, for instance, sounds a lot like Kolob--a planet or star that the Mormons believe in. Also, the modern day version of the church is actually a breakoff of the original, just as the WTS can be considered a breakoff of the original Bible Students. There was lots of good stuff on Wikipedia on Mormons years ago. You might also want to check there. They'll have details about the Book of Mormon too.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Smith of the mormons

    and Hubbard of the scientologists

    created some of the best science fiction written in the last 200 odd years.

    in my opinion...

    my wife dated and was in danger of becoming mormon once. When i told her some of the wackier beliefs of both of the above, she simply stated: and what you believed as a JW was just a wacky!


  • Quandry


    Thanks very much for the information and reasoning about artifacts from the era.

    I am fascinated by history and am getting a degree in it at this time.....58 years old, a bit late, but over thirty years of equating ignorance with godliness....at any rate, certainly there would be lots of evidence from a civilization anywhere near this advanced!

    I do, however, like the imaginative artwork...very well done.

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