Got a question about disabilities? I have answers

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    cult classic

    I know I couldn't handle a broken ankle. I'm just about dying with a sprain... lol

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    Lady Lee

    Wow I need to let you know what Cymbalta did to me.

    Bleeding - abnormal bleeding. Not one of the usual side-effects. Huge bruises, I dropped a piece of wood on my foot from only 1 foot from teh floor and half my foot was black - not black and blue - black. Then 2 weeks later hit my other foot and the same thing. Just a small hit and I was turning black. Then I wound up with a nose bleed -- in the middle of the night! Then I had that fall where I got two blacks eyes and the whole top of my head was a massive bruise.

    All this in the space of 3 months. Then I thought hmmmm I've been on Cymbalta for 3 months. Did some checking and it does list unusual bleeding as a rare side effect. But that isn't listed on teh med sheets my pharmacy hands out when you get a new prescription for something. So I saw my pharmacist and he printed out the monograph which I took to my Dr. And I was taken off the Cymbalta immediately.

    So I am back on Lyrica and doing well. It seems my body needed a break from it for a while. I am actually taking less now than I was before so if I need to increase it I can.

    So if you are on Cymbalta and have been experiencing unusual bleeding then check it out with your DR.

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    I just found this Thread Now..........Wish I saw it earlier. I have been on this forum for a little over 2 years but it seems I don't post enough to fit in. I did at first (share and post) but now I kind of ran out of things to contribute. I was raised a JW, in the 1950's 60's......My Dad was an Elder and I had a horrible childhood. I left the "truth" in my 30's.

    I have totally lost my independence this year.......but now I see it is probably because I do not have a support system. I have had countless visits from physiotherapists, social workers etc but they don't help you with outside social needs.

    I have been so depressed the past months because I just can't get out especially with the Cold and snow. The last year has been horrible for me. I see by reading what is happening with others that you can deal with life happily despite health issues. I live in a really small town in Ontario Canada, have NO friends as I am new to the community and my boyfriend is my only source of getting out and about and he is so cranky about doing it I just avoid it. I hate asking people to help that I barely know in the community, in fact we have asked and they make excuses not to help.

    I have always been independent and self sufficient and so this sudden problem is baffling me and is frightening also. My family is small and live about 2 hours away, they don't help me as they can't get to me. There is Community Care here but I don't qualify at the moment for govt assistance (because my boyfriend lives with me and has a low paying job)so I have to pay for the trips to doctors etc I ran out of money so I can't afford to pay drivers to take me places. Its a bit of a difficult situation right now.

    I have MS, severe disc degeneration and severe osteo arthritis in my lower back. I can walk but not without a walker now. I Drag my right leg and I fall if I don't use a walker. Even with a cane I fall. I broke my arm badly last year falling so I use a walker in the house. Going out I have to have a wheelchair or scooter. I am in HUGE pain if I walk for more than 10 feet at a time. This all happened gradually over the past 3 years but now it is accelerating and I have totally lost my independence.

    I feel like I am whining and complaining but I sure would like some advice from others in Ontario Canada who have info on how to get support from the community or govt.

    Velvet aka Deceived

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    You sound like you are venting, not complaining and whining.

    I can't imagine how it feels to have your health problems.

    Thank you for sharing.

    You are right about needing a better support system what with that grouchy boyfriend of yours.

    With your heart, he should feel blessed at just knowing you.

    Those neighbors don't sound like neighbors to me, either.

    Have you thought of moving to a warmer climate more agreeable to your health?

    I know money is tight and may keep you trapped there.

    Sending warm thoughts and wishes for a better situation soon,


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Hi I posted something for you on the other thread I just had so much fun!!!

    Apply for ODSP. It is a pain to go through the process. If you have tried and the application was rejected DO NOT GIVE UP They reject just about everyone the first time. Make the appeal and that too might get rejected. That is normal. I went through it all and was rejected. The appeal was rejected so I took it to the appeals Tribunal. You will need a lot of info from Drs social workers, whoever else works with you. AND most importantly you need to provide in detail what your disability does to you and how it affects your life right down to how pain might affect your sleep. All the nitty gritty details. They need to see it. I wrote a diary for a couple of days - hour by hour what my typical day is like. Even taking a bath how that is so hard and because I can't stand very long even taking a shower is difficult -I need to use a seat. Because I can't stand long I have a high stool I use to sit on in the kitchen. The chronic pain can cause depression which can be another source of problems that just spirals everything out of control.

    All that stuff and any other that gives them a really good idea of how much MS and the other problems affect your life need to be in the papers you send. Don't stop fighting for what you deserve and need.

    If at all possible talk to your boyfriend about moving to a larger city where there are more services for people with disabilities. I don't know what is available in North Bay or Sudbury which I suspect is north of you. Ottawa is amazing. I moved here in 1984 and am so glad I picked this city to live in. Toronto has excellent services too but I don't think I would be happy in such a large city (I was born there and dread it now) Being disabled and living without services - well that would make me a little crazy if I couldn't be free to get out when I wanted. The silly thing about that sentence is that I rarely use those services because the city is so accessible to me. I just get on my chair and go.

    Feel free to PM me if you want to talk

  • metatron

    Ok, I gotta question. I gotta a friend that can't do the toilet without help. I was thinking about a vertical bar in front of the toilet and off to the side - with a horizontal bar mounted in front - so that the person could pull themselves up and lean over the bar or hook an elbow over it and remain upright long enough to get their pants up, etc.

    It's the old 'needing a third arm' problem. Sadly, trying to figure out how to use the facilities independently is tough. This idea is the best I can figure from a wheel chair, off to the side. Got any ideas?


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    Thanks Dovey for what you said

    I am finally faced with loss of independence this past year........being winter and all now I am totally isolated and just now realizing that this doesn't have to Happen. I am going to have to find HELP and make some local friends.......though it is a viscious cycle. I can't get out and so I don't make friends. My whole social life is on my computer........

    I need to move, probably will very soon to a bigger town where there is more amenities. It all seems overwhelming right now though and my boyfriend is in denial about all this Still. Its a complicated story which I can't really write about in a public forum. However I see now that I don't have to be in this situation. All I need to do is find a way to get help. My boyfriend is very anti social and thinks he can do it all himself.......but he is not at all helpful. He gets ANGRY every time we go out, NOT at me but at everyone on the road or in the parking lot and I just find it so stressful that I don't want to go anywhere with him..

    I just need to move to Ottawa and hang out with Lady Lee ;-) heehee

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    Oh I was writing while you were writing Lady Lee, I thank you for your post.

    I applied for ODSP last year, I can't get ANY help because my boyfriend lives with me and has a job. When I applied he made $200 a week and I have a widow's pension of $400 a month so we together make to much MONEY. I never worked for anyone (had my own business) so I can't get help from the govt for disability pension. I can't work now because I can't do much more than use my fingers for typing lol.

    I want to leave my boyfriend, he is emotionally draining for me and making me sicker. (Long story).......its all very complicated but something is going to have to happen soon. I need to get away from him for my health and so I can get govt help and so I can move to a bigger town. I am on a list (just applied) for subsidized housing but I have to sell my house first.....or walk away from it to get help. I have a house (the bank owns most of it) and can't afford to pay the mortgage and utilities now but I can't get help because I own it. Go

    I will PM you my email address Lady Lee so we can chat. I sure could use your advice and hope you don't mind me asking for it.


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    Wow that has to be really hard for your friend...... Are you talking about going to the toilet at home?? If so she/he needs to get a raised toilet with handles on each side. That way they don't have to heave themselves off and on the toilet. Also they do need a bar beside the toilet to hold on to so they can transfer to the wheelchair. I have a bar beside my toilet, I can't get up otherwise. I don't have the raised toilet right now, have to get one but it helps a lot. My Mom got brain cancer and she lost her mobility, the raised toilet made it so she could at least do her toilet stuff privately

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    I don't know how to edit my post so I have to correct myself in another post.

    Metatron the raised toilet is an handicap aid you buy to put on top of the existing toilet.........sorry when I reread what I said it seemed confusing lol

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