One more disability - but solutions are great

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  • cantleave

    Lady lee, we were all duped into believing we would never see old age and now our bodys are beging to break down. Thank God, those evil and uncaring worldly people have developed technologies to help overcome our body's frailties.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    thanks fokyc I have sent them a message

    StAnn I am floored by the prices I found online - $2,700 for each hearing aid

    • 2 Hearing aids $5,400
    • 1 MyPilot Remote 475
    • 1 iCom receiver 350
    • TOTAL 6,225 CAN

    I applied to the Assisted Devices Program and they paid 2/3s. And I am on Disability and they paid the balance.

    The Canadian Health Care dollars at work making my life easier

    Staying positive has gotten me through a lot in life. It will get me the rest of the way

    cantleave - I was supposed to be going towards perfection by now. Oh well one more WT prophesy busted

  • wasblind

    Lady Lee , i heard from a little blue bird that there is an upside to being able to control what you don't want to hear

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    yup with a little click of my remote no one knows I have turned the aids off - the problem is my hearing isn't THAT bad yet

  • dinah

    Lee, your positive attitude always amazes me.

  • wasblind

    Not meaning to go off topic, but this brings me back to the Malawi girl who pass up her opportunity to go to med school because of the JW religion, think of all the people she could have helped.

    I know that every time I go to the doctor i'm so thankful, for their services, Lady Lee, i know you are greatful for the people who assisted you with your hearing aid.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Thank you dianh


    the people I saw were really great. The person who sold me the hear aids was all ready for a lot of objections about why I didn't really need one yet. I had to expalin I had been a sign language interpreter and had worked for many years with people who were hearing impaired. If I wasn't ready I wouldn't be there.

    I think she was really surprised at my attitude. At one point she asked me if I was sure and I told her I wouldn't know what I was missing until I got the aids.

    Probably the easiest first time sale she ever made


    Hi Lady Lee!

    "can you just imagine how badly wonderfully I could botch up a talk if I was still interpreting - well if I was still a Witness that is ... oh the joys of that thought"

    I laughed when I read your comments. You could say, "New light, no more shunning!" It would bring many families together and create much happiness.

    By the way, dear one, you have helped so many posters on this site! Thanks for being here.



  • Twitch

    To quote a phrase, even the Mona Lisa is falling apart, dear Lee. Glad you've found a helpful solution.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Hi Twitch I guess she must be after all this time

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