Should Immigrants Be Made To Learn English If They're Living In The USA?

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  • Joshnaz

    If someone broke into your home and just started living there and then demanded you pay them for food, housing, medical, and said they are willing to the jobs you don't want to do like the laundry and rake the leaves but you also have to learn their language you would take one look at them and say get the hell out! Thats how most Arizonians feel in the USA. We are tired of people comming into our country and thinking they deserve our goverment to help them and having "anchor babies" to give them legal citizenship and when we ask them what there legal staus is they say, Oh thats racially profiling. The USA is the greastest country in the world. If someone wants to live here they have every right to but they have to do it the right way.


    Yes, they should. Its dangerous in certain situations not being able to communicate in the language of the majority.

    That doesnt mean that others can't learn another language.

    hablo espanol.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I don't believe they should be forced to. I also don't believe they should be catered to if they choose not to.

    We have people where I work who have gotten promoted simply because they are bilingual, and can communicate with the non-English speaking Hispanics that work there. Better qualified people, with better work ethics have been passed up because they only speak English.

  • BurnTheShips

    I don't like people coming here and insisting we adapt to them. If you join the family, become a part of the family.

    Don't go around hating on our country in protest, while waving a foreign flag. If America sucks so bad, why the hell did you come here, then?


    If you want to come to America, to spend the rest of your life here, you need to want to be American.

    Of course there isn't anything wrong with a little flavor, be it Mexican, Italian, Polish, Irish, etc. All preceding waves of immigration became American, while adding some of their distinctiveness to our culture.

    Pizza, anyone?


  • dinah
    I guess Alabama isn't as nasty as some people make it out to be.

    It's really not, Burns. Yes, we do have a few racists, but the majority of people judge you for you.

    I cannot believe we agree on something!!!! For the most part, I believe Americans will accept you if you want to be American. We are a "melting pot". That is what makes this country great.

    I like people, wherever they come from. But waving a Mexican flag in my face while using a bought Social Security number to get gov't benefits.........why would that make me mad? *eye roll*

    My great-grandmother was 65% Cherokee. I'm American, but the Cherokee part is intriguing. I'm American first. My cousin traced my Dad's family back to Virginia and Stone Mountain, Georgia. On Mom's side of the family, they came over on ships after the whole Mayflower thing. Yes! They should kept their culture.

    If they would stop demanding rights they don't really have, stop flying the Mexican least TRY to be American......things would go much smoother.

    Burns, you still embrace your heritage--but you are American now! And I would bet you get respect for that.

    My ex-husband is black. He's also part Cherokee. We didn't know we had that in common until after the divorce. We are both American.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    If you want to come to America, to spend the rest of your life here, you need to want to be American.
    Of course there isn't anything wrong with a little flavor, be it Mexican, Italian, Polish, Irish, etc.

    The two don't need to be mutually exclusive. There's room for all cultures. The diversity of the people here is what makes me proud to be an American. Assimilating into American culture doesn't mean you have to stop being Mexican, Italian, Polish, Irish, etc.

    But there also needs to be a common denominator for people to be able to relate to each other.

  • bittersweet

    minimus are you in New Englad? Because I am in MA and I keep seeing some political ad from NH with some dude in a classroom talking about making everyone speak English. I can understand the frustration with expecting everyone here to speak English, after all it is the official language of our country. But to force? Some people are fleeing their country because of abuse and such. I don't feel it is up to us to force them in their already stressed out state to learn our language. Should they? Yes, I would suggest it. It would make their lives that much easier. Forced to by the government? Don't think so.

  • snowbird

    I guess Alabama isn't as nasty as some people make it out to be.

    WHO called Alabama nasty????????

    Let me at them!!!!!!!


  • yknot

    I think we should have an 'official language'..... if not then I would like to see all state and federal funding stopped to ESL programs.

    I know that sounds politically incorrect but I don't see my family's or my husband's family non-English language as a choice at the ATM or a numeral selection to hear it on calls to state offices. I don't see the option to read official state documents in either languages too

    This said I don't know a single immigrant here legally who doesn't pursue English earnestly.

    When accomodations are made for one group but not others it creates negative feelings....... however if all are expected to conform to one standandard norm, that norm becomes a force to unite instead of divide

    Melting into the pot is a good thing, ferverently holding to one's past culture/heritage to the point of not intergrating is a bad bad bad thing which breeds isolation, ignorance and distrust.

    To all : Hezký den!

    But to my Comrade Tito I say Prijatan dan želim or Lijep ti dan želim!

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