Should Immigrants Be Made To Learn English If They're Living In The USA?

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  • Hadit

    If you move to another country I believe it is your responsibility to learn that language to the best of your ability. It is both for your own welfare and that of others. V665 makes a good point about laws. You cannot come to another country and say I'm going to do it this way because that is how it's done in my country. You live by the laws of the new country you are now a part of. You can't just move somewhere and expect that country to live by your laws - then it does beg the question as to why you moved in the first place.

    Everyone has customs they are proud of and that is great to keep them going as long as you don't infringe upon others. I think respect is very important.

  • Smoky

    Maybe, i think they should be encouraged more, to learn to speak and read in English. Making them see clearly the pros and cons.

    Soldier77 wrote:

    Yes. They want to live in the US because it's better than their country, damn straight they better learn to speak english. If I moved to another country and their language wasn't english, you damn well better believe I'm going to learn their language too.

    Ditto. When you move to a DIFFERENT country, you need to adapt, or your not going to be happy.

    StAnn wrote:

    I have some Polish friends who have lived their whole lives in Chicago and never learned a word of English. This may have worked years ago but today it is not economically feasible. If someone wants to better themselves and get a job, they can't limit themselves to jobs where only their language is spoken.

    Ditto. I have friends who still believe they dont need to learn English....ugh. because the goverment makes it to easy for them not to need to learn it. Lots of things are in English and Spanish, Polish, etc... in Chicago.

    I ask them: Then why do i still have to help you read a menu in a restaurant....silence.

    I tell them: Its not easy to learn a new language, but when you finally do, You will have a sense of accomplishment, become self-relient, have some confidence to travel freely. It will enrich your life, even if they dont get a job using it.

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    should they made

    but don't go crying when things don't work out for you here. My MIL has been here 7 years and she don't speak shit... she knows how to say shit but thats about it. I tell her there is no reason she can't speak English yet. Her Grandson is young so he watches cartoons and there is a great place to start.

    Funny I don't live in Brazil yet but when I do I won't be no stinking GRINGO! I learned her language so I won't be no be one of those!!!LOL

    There is a candidate for Congress from NH and that's his slogan.... LEARN ENGLISH.... I don't know how many votes he's gonna get with that slogan. Instead of talking about Jobs.. housing... and the other things most candidates use he's sticking with this one. He is even sitting in a school room with children and then.......wait for it..........................................he high FIVES a kid.

  • VampireDCLXV

    I think that it would only be right to learn the language of the country one now lives in. Hence if I lived in Mexico, I should learn Spanish. If I live in the UK, Canada, U.S., Austrailia, or New Zealand then I should learn English. I should also learn the language required by my job, so if I was a airline pilot, then I should learn English.

    Damn straight! Furthermore, if someone refuses to learn english or whatever the official language is, they are cutting themselves off from opportunuties to educate themselves, to better themselves, to be more productive members of society. Maybe you can't force it on everybody but there should be a more agressive stance taken on this by the authorities of whatever country.


  • wasblind

    I hate getting on the phone, and have to listen to prompts in spanish before i can start my transactions.

    maybe it's the company i'm dealing with, which is in my home state, but i think they should start out with

    english first, scince english is the primary language in the U. S.

  • JWoods

    I think that minimus meant by this - kids in school - not "taking grandma and grandpa and putting them into enforced education camps" -

    Right, minimus?

  • snowbird

    Kids are going to learn it, anyway.

    Immigrants, who really want to assimilate, will learn it, also.

    Nobody should be "made" or forced to learn anything.


  • cyberjesus
    that American's need to keep their identity and language.

    What is the Americans identity? this years? last years? how about 100 years when we had racial segregation still or 400 years? when we were killing American Indians?... oh did I say american indians? How about 800 years ago when the Americans where respectful of the animals and the earth?

    The languange of the americans? What is that? English? because if you go to Miami, los angeles or New York you could speak only spanish and you will do fine.

    Because if we should ... then we should have made speak navajo or any native language, those are more Americans than English, English is actually that English.

    This country is a self evolving country. We have inmigrants taken over from the residents and that is how its been for hundreds of years. I hear people call themselves Irish-american Polish-american italian-american and so.

    I do have a problem with the word should. Nobody should made someone do something that they dont want to. Is it convenient to learn english if you live in the USA, yes it will make your life easy. it will make your life easier if you learn chinese right now too and spanish. But that is an individuals decision not the groups decision. It seems that "We should make them learn English" is not for their benefit but to make Your life more comfortable.

    Do I like it when I call for tech support and I get someone I cant understand because they speak a weird version of English? you bet. Thats the problem of the employer. This is a business oriented country. The business owner has to make it easier for his customers to do business with him.

    If I am walking on the streets and I see a chinesse woman who is trying to cross the street. It is not of my business which language does she speak and why. Only if I need to business is it important for me to communicate.

    The only non-immigrants are the ones born here. And the vast majority come from immigrants.

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    American History lesson???






    and today


    Miss any group the True Americans had a problem with in their day?????

  • undercover

    I sure hope I'm never forced to learn Cherokee

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