I like being shunned - how about you?

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    It was painful at first but now I see the advantages of not having needy relatives spending the weekend with me and scoffing my food and raiding my bar. My wife is happier too. It's like having a heavy rucksack removed.

    I have 39 JW relatives and 38 of them shun me along with the army of ex-friends who remain in the Tower. I did have 43 JW relatives but 4 of them died recently, which I found rather encouraging.

    Some of my relatives were prepared to correspond with me by post. I wrote and told them I would rather they saved their postage as I don't read junk mail. To my brother I said, 'If I am not welcome at your home as a brother or even a friend then to whom would I be writing?"

    What is the point of wasting time and money travelling to see people who clean windows for a living and who's heads are full of crap. What would we talk about? Let me arrogantly declare that I have moved beyond them and no longer associate with losers. I don't think I could bear the boredom. Also they are easily shocked and don't know that I am a gladiator.

    What about love you may ask? We love what we value and I now place zero value on them. I save my love for worthy people who share my values.

    There has been a weakening of their resolve in recent years. Word has got back to me that they may be prepared to toss me a few crumbs if I promise not to write any more books about their corrupt organization.

    I have have insisted that they stay as far away from me as possible and return to their own vomit.

    How do you feel about being shunned?

  • will_the_apostate

    it was hard at first but now i enjoy it. i was going for a walk with my wife and kids (age 7,2, and 10months) when i ran into a 'brother' i have known for twenty years. i asked him how he was doing and how he liked being a grandfather and he bumbled out a response and practically ran away like i might steal his soul... my wife (never a JW) laughed at how he acted.

  • blondie

    I am inactive but told my abusive jw family that had no desire to see them or talk to them or get snail mail from them. It's been 10 years and there have been a few attempts to "reach out" but without success. It was wonderful to be away from their toxic actions and still is.

    it was hard at first but now i enjoy it.

    Will, I notice that you started a similar thread before this one.

    It is hard a first when old friends shun but it gets easier with time.

    It was wonderful to be away from their toxic actions and still is.

    Well said Blondie

  • Peaches1978

    i've been shunned since I was 15, didn't bother me then doesnt bother me now, I actually love it because I have no tolrence for idot conversations that JW's have. I pass by 4 sisters every morning to the subway entrance and all they do is talk about is how they cant wait for paradise to come and who's going to occupy who's house....i just roll my eyes and keep on walking.....

  • jookbeard

    wow that's a big JW family, putting it like that I doesn't bother me in the slightest now, my mum does not see her grand kids but that's her loss, life has moved on kids,new friends new area things are great. Who is the single Dub Gladiator that speaks with you?

  • zoiks

    It takes getting used to. There are times when I laugh to myself at the strangeness of it. Other times it hurts. Mostly, I'm in agreement with Blondie - there is so much less toxicity in our lives now.

    Who is the single Dub Gladiator that speaks with you?

    My older brother. The only one that lives in my town.

    I misled you - he left the Tower a couple of years after me, so he is not a JW.

  • jookbeard

    he must be a great guy

  • Quillsky

    Love your opening post, Gladiator, very funny.

    Disagree with the premise though. Being shunned for being a sloth or emotional drain or con-man or thief or murderer makes some kind of social sense; being shunned for religious beliefs is unnatural and feels wrong. Can never like it.

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