Great refutation of Watchtower's "Origin of Life" and "Was Life Created?" brochures

by Third Eye Open 52 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • padrepiotroll

    Since no one answered, I'm now working on recreating a LaTeX source file which renders as closely to the original PDF as possible. If you want to translate it, I will post the source here when I'm done!

  • padrepiotroll

    I worked my ass off to do this, but here it is:

    LaTeX source:

    You are welcome to copy/edit/translate the source and then recompile it as a beautiful PDF.

    If @ThirdEyeOpen wants, he/she can link to this source code in the original post of the thread.

    In the mean time, I will start translating this document to my language :)

  • nicolaou

    Can't believe I missed this before, thanks for the bump.

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