A Child Called "It"

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  • brotherdan

    I know many of you have probably already read this book, but as I was listening to it as an audio book, I had a new thought. This poor child was abused by his mother. There is a part in the book where the teachers and police are trying to get him to talk about the things his mother had done to him. He makes the comment that he deserved it because he was a bad kid. He felt "slimy" inside because he felt so guilty.

    How many of us have felt that way while inside the WT org? This may be a bit personal, but I began regular pioneering when I was 16. I quit school and got my diploma via the CA Proficiency test. During my pioneering I was going through adolescence. During this period it is common to experiment with masturbation. I did that too. I felt so guilty about it, especially after reading the "Young people ask" book, that I eventually quit pioneering. I felt disgusting before Gods eyes.

    I think that this organization tends to be like an abusive parent. They may tell you that they love you. They may tell you that they are doing what they do for your best interests. But at the same time, they show you that you are scum. You can never do enough. You can never BE good enough. Natural things that you go through (i.e masturbation, liking girls that you did not intend to marry, etc...) are condemned by these people as being shameful.

    I bring this up because I now have 2 boys. 1 is four years old and the other is 5 months old. I will never let them feel the feelings of guilt that I felt when being condemned by this org. They will have girlfriends and only have the feelings of being liked by another person (something I never had due to my guilt). They will go through their puberty years and while it may be awkward, it will not be the shame filled experience that I had. I think that the organization is emotionally abusive in many of the same way that some parents can be abusive.

  • Soldier77

    Behavior Control

    Information Control

    Thought Control

    Emotional Control

    What you described is exactly what happens in a mind (high) control cult (group). Fear, not love is their main motivational force. IMO.

  • ziddina

    "but I began regular pioneering when I was 16. ..... During my pioneering I was going through adolescence. During this period it is common to experiment with masturbation. I did that too. I felt so guilty about it, especially after reading the "Young people ask" book, that I eventually quit pioneering..."

    Interesting that you mention that...

    I've been thinking about starting a thread - [and, if you like this idea, feel free to start the thread instead, but with the same general intent] - titled, "A Thank-You Letter to the Governing Body".

    Within that thread, I would discuss all the ways in which the Governing Body's prudish, Calvinistic, repressed attitudes and morals have driven active, publishing Jehovah's Witnesses out of the (B)Organization...

    In other words, the Governing Body is its own enemy, when it comes to the lack of member retention within the Jehovah's Witnesses.

    On the other hand, I've enjoyed watching the blunders and ill-informed mistakes of the Governing Body cause several "exoduses" from the organization... If I TELL them what they're doing wrong, they might 'fix' things and thereby retain more members...

    Decisions, decisions...


  • clarity

    Brotherdan - omg, when I think about what my children went through in this society(of nut cases), I feel sick! Even as the 'rules' are followed, there's this awful unanswerable feeling in your gut! Glad you could see thru it. Your kids are so important.


  • clarity

    Ziddina - "A thank you to the GB".....

    Great idea! Don't worry that they will change - they are so defensive they'll just close their eyes tighter!


  • Snoozy

    I think I am the only person on these ex JW boards that didn't even think about let alone know about masturbation as a child. When I finally heard something about it I thought those kind of people were either perverts or sex addicts. I didn't even hear about such things until I was in my 40's..as a married woman I never could figure out why some people felt the need to do it. I became a witness at 20 and left at 40.. I studied at 16 sporatically but didn't actually get into it until I was 20.


    edited to add, maybe because I married so young is one reason it never crossed my mind. Had all the straight sex we could handle at that age..

  • ziddina

    Snoozy! You rascal, you!! "Had all the straight sex we could handle at that age. ..."

    Clarity, thanks!!! Yes, I think I will start that thread within a week, if no one else does something similar...


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Snoozy, I must say, that I think you are the only person that I ever heard of who had not heard of masturbation until her 40's.

    Wow, just Wow. And your teen years were not as a witness, so that makes it very weird to me that you had never practiced such things. I guess I always thought that everyone did.


  • jamiebowers

    Brotherdan, the masturbation issue is a frequent problem for ex and exiting jws. The guilt is tremendous for most people, and it's very difficult to come to terms with. I think it just shows the real evil of the governing body. These bastards actually turn young people's bodies against them. All of this angst and guilt for doing something that is perfectly natural and for most men, biologically necessary.

  • fokyc

    This makes good reading:

    Dave Pelzer - The child-abuse entrepreneur.

    By David Plotz


    Many people do NOT believe Pelzer suffered as much abuse as he claims, he certainly made a fortune out of it!

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